5 Benefits of Virtual Home Tours

Most people begin their home search online to see what’s currently available on the market in their price range. It’s a great place to start because you’ll find pictures and information about the homes that will help you determine what you like and don’t like. That information will help your real estate agent narrow down homes for you to tour. And in today’s age of technology, you might not even have to visit the home in person to get a full 360-degree tour. Virtual tours allow you to get the immersive experience of walking through a property without ever having to leave your home. Here are five benefits of virtual tours that are enough to make you hit pause on your Netflix series and queue up homes to view.

1. Convenience

Forget about taking an afternoon off from work, or making time on the weekend when you, your real estate agent and the homeowners’ schedules all align. Virtual tours allow you to view a home at any time without having to schedule an appointment, providing the ultimate convenience.

2. Expanded Geographic Boundaries

If you’re relocating, a foreign investor or just can’t make it to see a home in-person for any reason, virtual tours allow qualified buyers in other states, or globally, to have the experience of touring a home without having to travel to see it. 

3. Enriched Experience

While property pictures are great and give you a basic idea of the rooms in a home, virtual tours give you a much better understanding of the home’s layout and features than the pictures alone. You’re able to tour each room at your own pace, explore the features that matter the most to you, such as lighting, flooring or countertops, and decide what room you want to see next. You can take your time absorbing the home’s details and then follow-up with your real estate agent if you have any questions. 

4. Envision Living There

Virtual tours allow you to spend ample time exploring a property. As you tour each room, you can visualize where you might put your couch, tv or bed, making it easier to imagine yourself living there.

5. Repeat Tours

Buyers usually want to visit a home three to four times before making a decision. Virtual tours are always available to be viewed any time, as many times as you want. 

—by Jacqueline Kuron

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