Rising to the Occasion: Stacey Kelly

Elliman agent Stacey Kelly has taken this time of business unusual to get creative with her business—especially when she had to liquidate a home during the “shelter in place” mandate. Elliman Insider sat down with Stacey to find out how she is rising to the occasion of overcoming challenges and to find out what are the little things she is most grateful for.

Elliman Insider: What are some things you’ve rediscovered about yourself by being forced to change your routine (in both your business and personal life)?

STACEY KELLY: I realized I really like any semblance of a routine I can keep, like waking up at the same time I normally do, or having an actual dinner at dinner time. Also, I found out my typical “mind checklist” doesn’t work as well as my “paper checklist” during this time. I need the visual reminders to keep me on track. Both of these insights are helpful to me now and will be in the future.

EI: What are some personal challenges this pandemic has presented to you that you have been able to overcome?

SK: We have a distressed sale that went under contract March 9th and closed April 8th. During our “shelter in place” and the previous restrictions, we had to figure out how to liquidate an entire 5,000-square-foot house of furniture including cars and a wine cellar. It’s very hard to have movers stay six feet apart and move large objects! Through our connections, we found the right people and worked out a time table that ensured we follow guidelines to keep everyone safe.

EI: How do you think overcoming these challenges will affect the way you do business?

SK: In a way, our business will never go back to the way it was, but we are better for it. We realized that we can help our clients buy and sell virtually, but nothing takes the place of a personal relationship.

EI: How are you getting creative when it comes to promoting your business during this time?

SK: As part of our strategy for listings, we always created a virtual walkthrough tour for each property. We are now using these virtual tours so much more. Also, we are running a campaign that focuses on ROI—100% ROI on “The Mountain to Yourself,” “Natural Beauty” and “Fun Lasting Memories.” These investments will continue to deliver results after the effects of this pandemic are long gone.

EI: What are some business strategy changes you plan to implement once we return to normal?

SK: We are trying to find ways to make our workload easier by streamlining processes, reflecting on our message as a team and how we are delivering that message, and finding experts to utilize so we continue to achieve results.

EI: Sometimes we develop a new appreciation for the little—or big— things during major life changes. What are some things that you’ve been most grateful for during this time?

SK: I listened to a podcast last week with Peter Hernandez and Dave Werth and they pointed out that we all were actually “living in our homes” right now. That made me appreciate even more where I live and who I’m with. Also, I finally meditated. It was a 10-breath meditation from Jennifer Leahy’s facebook video, but it’s a start! Finally, I am extremely thankful that our Douglas Elliman family is communicating on so many platforms. None of us can do this job alone, and none of us have to do it alone!

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