Prixview: Making Equestrian Sports More Accessible Through Data

By Hannah Warne

For those who have never participated in the world of show jumping, equestrian competitions are often a web of jargon and confusing metrics—until now.

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Founded in 2021 by Olympic silver medalist and Stanford graduate Lucy Davis, Prixview is a sports data provider and fantasy gaming platform. Known for its fantasy show jumping games, Prixview allows users to learn more about equestrian sports and predict results to win real cash prizes.

“At the core, Prixview is a data company. We collect official, live competition data from show jumping sport. It’s a much deeper level of data than what’s been previously available,” said Prixview Director of Strategy, Partnerships, and Business Development, Clementine Goutal.

“Official records only publish the number of faults and the amount of time the round was completed in,” Goutal explained. Prixview’s data is much more comprehensive and insightful and includes class format, number of faults, where the faults were, number and type of jump, point of contact, which lead the horse was on, the arena’s footing, and more.

Lucy Davis and Baron

While this information is invaluable for the athletes and coaches themselves, it’s also an untapped opportunity to nurture existing fans and expand the sport’s viewership. Goutal expects that Prixview’s data will foster better understanding of equestrian competition, in turn getting more people interested, invested, and excited about the world of equestrian sports.

“Our data also powers our fantasy games. Whether people are well-versed in the sport or not, they’re able to understand the game and make predictions by educating themselves with this in-depth data,” Goutal said. “They can look back at patterns, trends, and historical performance to bring a deeper understanding of the sport.”

The fantasy games are free to play, and users win real cash prizes, making them a powerful engagement tool for the equestrian audience. During the Hampton Classic, Douglas Elliman will also sponsor thousands of dollars in giveaways—making it an even more exciting option for both new and existing users.

“People can get more invested, more involved, and feel more connected and engaged. It’s crucial to growing and engaging the equestrian audience,” she added.

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