Looking to Inspire, Elliman’s Ivan Estrada Pens ‘Brand With Purpose’

Ivan Estrada

In his new book ‘Brand With Purpose’ Elliman’s Ivan Estrada shares critical lessons about personal growth and self-discovery―from his early entrepreneurial endeavors to his rise as an inspirational business leader and highly ranked real estate broker.

Just as Ivan learned to embrace his true self and build a career as a world-class entrepreneur, his goal with this book is to encourage others to do the same.

Elliman Insider caught up with Ivan to dig a bit more into the book’s lessons, why he chose to write it and who he thinks would benefit the most from giving it a read.

Elliman Insider: What made you decide to write this book and how long did it take you?

Ivan: During this worldwide global pandemic, there was a time of reflection where I just looked back and I realized I’ve been very lucky to have incredible mentors and coaches as well as life experiences. So I just wanted to put it all into a book – to make this valuable information and wisdom accessible to anyone, whether it’s a young kid in Missouri or a single mom in San Francisco who’s looking to make a pivot in her career. I wanted to do what I can to make this world a better place, so that people can live as authentically as possible. This way my nephew, who was one of the biggest motivators to write this book, could live in a world where he can be himself and not have to deal with a lot of the peer pressure and bullying that I had to go through. The whole process from drafting the book to finally publishing it took about 2-3 years.
Ivan with his nephew

EI: Who do you think would gain most from reading this book and why?

Ivan: This book was written to inspire the next generation of leaders as well as diverse entrepreneurs who are looking to establish an authentic personal brand. I didn’t see enough leaders who looked like me when I was young, so I hope my book helps to change that for the next generation.

“I didn’t see enough leaders who looked like me when I was young, so I hope my book helps to change that for the next generation.”

I have included a diversity of people from the LGBTQ community and various leaders from the Latinx and communities of color in my book. I hope every reader can find a piece of themselves represented in the book. For every underdog, under-represented student, and seeker out there, the book Brand with Purpose was written with them in mind and has something for them.

EI: You’ve been a Douglas Elliman agent for six years. How has Elliman helped you establish your brand?

Ivan: It’s been an incredible journey being a part of this wonderful company. Elliman gave me access to a global platform where I was able to leverage my personal real estate brand alongside the well established worldwide network. I was also given incredible opportunities to travel around the world and attend Elliman & Knight Frank events, which deepened my relationships with other agents nationwide and resulted in numerous referrals. Not only that, the Elliman in-house marketing department has been a great resource for combining design aesthetics and enhancing my personal brand to another level of sophistication.

EI: How do you define the purpose of your own brand?

Ivan: For me, it is figuring out what you love doing and LIVING the purpose. It is allowing yourself to do what you love doing no matter what the outside sources say. For example, I love helping people – that’s why there are community partners and sponsors to support my outreach program where any student can ask for a free book. I also love being able to be creative. From my YouTube Real Estate Minute video series to the Los Angeles office desk campaign, I’ve been able to create my own distinguished brand in real estate. Of course, I went through a bunch of trial and error trying new things. When I got into real estate, I read 23, 24 books before even making the jump to figure out if it’s something that I wanted to do. Then I made a list of all the things that I love to do, and real estate, that was it for me. And I love it! I’m living my purpose, but also now I’m gearing up with this book into exploring new avenues of myself so that’s very exciting for me.
Ivan at Hudson Booksellers

EI: What are the 3 key takeaways from ‘Brand With Purpose’?

Ivan: The main 3 key takeaways from my book ‘Brand With Purpose’ are: authenticity, story, and purpose. There’s a difference between just graphic branding and crafting to market with a purpose; there’s more intention behind it with purpose, which shows more of the AUTHENTICITY that people are looking for. It is also important to have your own UNIQUE STORY. My first ventures in entrepreneurship started when I was a six-year-old selling two-dollar drawings to my neighbors so I could have a college savings fund. I knew college was expensive and my parents might not be able to afford it. So I recruited my sister to knock on our neighbors’ doors and sell our drawings for two dollars each. It’s not that the drawings were so excellent, but it was that I had a purpose and a story that people bought. Finally, make sure to have a PURPOSE for branding – that is to show people not just your wins, but also your challenges and obstacles. Branding with heart starts with having an intention and showing all aspects of your journey by uncovering your true self and being authentic.


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