Interior Designer Trisha Reger—Redefining a Prewar on Park Ave

Manhattan-based interior designer Trisha Reger had her work cut out for her when she took on the project that was 625 Park Ave. The prewar coop, situated in a 1920s landmark building had elegant bones, but much of its glamor was left to be uncovered. Elliman Insider sat down with Reger to find out how she modernized the home and what about the new space she is most proud of.

Elliman Insider: What were some of the main design goals behind all of the renovations made to this home?

Trisha Reger: Every decision was made to amplify the sense of space. Between the ceilings that were raised to ten and a half feet to heightened doors that were aligned with windows to allow for extra light, all of the choices were made to preserve the floor plan while optimizing space. Some choices were made with sound in mind like the triple-glazed windows. This significantly reduces any sound that comes in from the street even though the apartment is on the second floor.

EI: What was the biggest change you made to this home during your redesign?

TR: I combined the living and dining rooms into one sweeping expanse. They previously had separate double-door entrances off the gallery and the space is perfect for anything from an intimate dinner party to a larger gathering. The design scheme is also modern and chic–it’s more elegant than casual, yet its elegance is comfortable and inviting. I decided to layer textures such as velvet, mink and leather in creams, taupes and grays.

EI: How did you manage to incorporate antiques within a modernized space and what was the result?

TR: The glorious pedigree building, designed by renowned architect James Carpenter set the stage for the integration of old world elegance.  The family had heirloom pieces from their time-honored collection. It was important to give voice to the richness and fullness of this dynamic family with a global outlook on life. It was inspirational to unify the soul and charm of the antiques with the fresh new story and the union of contemporary art with the old world artistry.

EI: Which part of the transformation of 625 Park would you say you are most proud of?

TR: When we found the apartment, we knew we had to restore its lost splendor and at the same time capture the vision of my client. As one of the premier figures in the design industry, Mr. Stark has a well-trained eye and is passionate about all aspects of design. We worked closely with the Starks to combine Steven’s desire to have timeless, classic architecture and Candice’s wish to have open, gracious, contemporary spaces.

EI: What part of this project presented its biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

TR: This apartment represents a collaboration of many people who came together to transform the space into a sophisticated home that reflects the Stark’s passion for design, fashion and art. The expansiveness of the floor plan provided a natural segue to open up the space and integrate beautiful finishes and still respect the integrity of the original grandeur.

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