Elliman Spotlights: Florida Agent Charles Hochfelder

Elliman agent Charles Hochfelder has always enjoyed creating personal connections with clients in the hospitality industry. The transition to real estate was therefore easy—becoming an agent was another chance to create meaningful experiences for his clients and provide him with the accomplished feeling of giving back. Elliman Insider sat down with Charles to find out everything from when he started considering Elliman to what he is most looking forward to as a new agent.

Elliman Insider: When did you start considering Douglas Elliman?

Charles Hochfelder: I started considering Douglas Elliman as soon as I began studying to get my real estate license.

EI: When did you know real estate was your calling?

CH: I have always been very passionate about real estate from a young age because I’ve always been fascinated by amazing architecture and beautifully designed homes. I realized that real estate was one of my callings soon after graduating college which was at the same time that the Covid 19 pandemic erupted. My background for the last 6 years has been in the hospitality industry mainly based in New York/Miami areas, working as a VIP Host for Tao Group venues in NYC, and then graduating to planning and hosting my own events, parties and musical performances. Providing people with unique experience and memories is a lifelong passion of mine; when the pandemic hit, I realized that finding, connecting and providing high end real estate services for clients would provide that same accomplished feeling. Miami is the perfect hub for clients looking for both an amazing hospitality experience as well as exquisite apartments and homes.

EI: What about Elliman do you love, or are excited for, the most?

CH: The thing I am most excited about is that all the agents and employees seem to have a family oriented mindset in the workplace.

EI: How has Elliman changed your business plan?

CH: Elliman has already given me many tools and resources to be the best agent I can. Whether its from social media training, network expansion, or just the fundamentals of being organized and proficient with listings and clients, I feel that because of Douglas Elliman’s welcoming guidance, I am in a position to make a positive impact at the company.

EI: Tell us about an anecdote, if you have one, that helped confirm your decision to join Elliman. Was it meeting another agent or reading and learning about an agent’s story?

CH: I have been a big fan of agents in Elliman who do such a great job of really connecting with their clients as well as branding themselves across social media. Two inspirations of mine would be the Alexander Brothers as well as Devin Kay. After meeting with Devin and hearing about his success and happiness as a broker at Elliman, I was greatly inspired to follow in his footsteps, but still create my own unique path and identity. I’m beyond excited to be able to merge the hospitality community I have built over the last 6 years with my new venture as an agent for Douglas Elliman.

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ELLIMAN INSIDER is published by Douglas Elliman Real Estate
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