Elliman Connection: Tim Malone Helping the Hampton’s Hungry

Tim Malone

Douglas Elliman’s agents continue to give back, helping those through these extremely difficult times. Agent Tim Malone decided to help raise money for local food pantries in his hometown; many might be surprised to know that lots of families go hungry in the Hamptons. Elliman Insider sat down with Tim Malone to find out how his goal of $1,000 was met in less than an hour and why he thinks a simple “How are you?” can go a long way.

Elliman Insider: What are some ways you’re giving back to the community?

TIM MALONE: My boyfriend Don Lemon and I have two rescue dogs from the Southampton Animal Shelter. When the virus hit and no one was adopting dogs, we decided to foster a third senior dog. Gus Gus has now officially become part of the family. In addition, I decided to start a fundraiser for the local food pantries in the Hamptons.

EI: What’s inspired you to donate your time or efforts to that particular cause?

TM: Having grown up in Water Mill, I know there is a great deal of people that need help. It may come as a surprise to many that lots of families are hungry and in need of support in the Hamptons. I reached out to our network of family and friends and created a Go Fund Me requesting donations to Hearts of the Hamptons to replenish local food pantries. Through text, emails, Instagram posts and hits on CNN, we have been very successful with the campaign.

EI: What’s the best way you think we can provide emotional and motivational support to each other through all of this?

TM: I think it is so important at at time like this to check in on people. A simple “How are you?”  goes a long way and shows people that they are cared about.

Tim Malone and Don Lemon

EI: What are some ways you think others can give back while still practicing social distancing?

TM: So many organizations need money right now. And no donation is too small. This period in our lives is going to set people back for a while; both small business and individuals will need financial support.

EI: When business goes back to usual, how do you think you can still maintain your sense of community and continue to give back?

TM: I am so blessed family and a good job. I think it is so important to remember those people that are not so lucky. Continue to give our resources and time to those who need it more than we do.

EI: People have been coming together to support each other during this time; have there been some examples/moments that have inspired you?

TM: When I started the fundraiser for Hearts of the Hamptons, I set out to raise $1,000. I was able to reach my goal within an hour. I kept increasing the goal and reaching out to more people.  Everyone has been extremely generous and excited to support their neighbors.

Donate to Hearts of the Hamptons today.

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