Elliman Connection: David Green on Rediscovering What Matters Most

David Green

While self-quarantining has us learning how to adjust in many different ways, Douglas Elliman agents are evaluating how they do business and identifying what they are most grateful for. Elliman Insider sat down with David Green to ask him how he is rising to this challenging time—including what he’s rediscovered about himself and the creative ways in which he is now approaching his business.

Elliman Insider: What are some things you’ve rediscovered about yourself by being forced to change your routine (in both your business and personal life)?

DAVID GREEN: While the world events have forced us all to adjust our lives, schedules and expectations in significant ways, I have tried to really look at the positives and treat this time as an opportunity to focus more on my family. Life goes by fast especially having three active kids and the last two weeks have put everything into perspective for me. I am grateful that that my family is healthy and my children can see how important it is for all of us to do our part and work together in flattening the curve and trying to contain the number of deaths in our country.

For business, typically at this time of year I am too busy to focus on branding, marketing or lead generating so being self-isolated, my routine has completely changed which has allowed me to redirect my attention to improve in those areas.

EI: What are some personal challenges this pandemic has presented to you that you have been able to overcome?

DG: Self-Isolating with a family of two working parents, three kids and two dogs at home has been the biggest challenge. My wife’s job has been a lot more demanding since she is in the finance industry, so I have tried to take control on being Mr. Daddy Daycare. We put together a daily routine where our kids do math, reading, creative time as well as getting outside as much as possible. We feel that during this time it’s important to try to get as much fresh air as possible—hiking, biking, roller blading, walking at least twice a day has been the priority as well.

EI: How do you think overcoming these challenges will affect the way you do business?

DG: Once things get back to normal, I don’t think my challenges will have a major effect on my business, but my children will have a much better appreciation for what we they have in life and also a deeper understanding of the world in general.

EI: How are you getting creative when it comes to promoting your business during this time?

DG: The first week; I took a step back and just wanted to get away from it all and try to see where this was all heading. But now after it has really sunk in and I realize this is not going away anytime soon, I have been reevaluating ways to be more creative in our marketing strategies, lead generation and referral business. Over the next few weeks, I will be connecting more with my clients that were looking to buy, sell or rent in 2020 as well as reconnecting with all of my previous clients.

EI: What are some business strategy changes you plan to implement once we return to normal?

DG: Sorry, but that is between me and my two dogs.

EI: Sometimes we develop a new appreciation for the little—or big—things during major life changes. What are some things that you’ve been most grateful for during this time?

DG: This is a disaster that will define us for generations and I’m grateful that that our entire world has come together to try to fight this virus. Being grateful that we have people in our world that have stepped up as our front-line in flattening the curve from our medical/hospital staff, the security staff, police/firefighters, delivery truck drivers and so on; all of these people are either saving our country or keeping our economy going. I know our country and the world will be stronger, more united than we ever have been and we will overcome this!

Douglas Elliman has done an amazing job in keeping everyone connected! Thanks to everyone doing their part for Douglas Elliman; I am also grateful for being able to work for an amazing company that is taking the appropriate steps in keeping everyone abreast on the world and the real estate environment.

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