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With a distinguished marketing and sales background, Mitch Beasley knows the value of interacting with people on a personal level. Mitch also understands how to implement a strategic marketing plan that provides sellers with maximum exposure for their property. His exceptional knowledge of his territory enables him to educate sellers on where their property should be positioned with in the market. Mitch’s understanding of market conditions and proper positioning through targeted exposure results in success for his clients.
Mitch expertly shifted from a successful career as a sales and marketing manager responsible for a territories covering two-thirds of North America and all of Canada.

His prior experience in business set a foundation of skills which Mitch employs in real estate. He has mastered the art of successful property presentation, never pushing a property onto a buyer, but instead creating a pull and drawing them to it. He says that pull begins with helping sellers properly prepare their home for presentation to prospective buyers. “Being truthful about what stays, what goes and what needs to get done improves the seller’s chances of attracting buyers. This is essential to getting traffic and, more importantly, asking price,” he explains.

Whether helping sellers or buyers, Mitch knows that though we all come from different places and live different lives, we all desire a good quality of life and to be respected and treated fairly, which in the end actually makes us all not too different from each other! Mitch employs these core values when dealing with all people.

Mitch not only works in most of the finer neighborhoods inside and outside the loop, but lives in one of them as well with his wife and four sons. From schools to civic organizations to community events, Mitch is tapped into the community of service and can offer prospective clients a keen perspective on buying or selling a way of life.
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Mitch Beasley

2800 Kirby Dr. Suite A-206
Houston, 77098