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Cesar Estefan is recognized for his extensive knowledge of the multiple aspects of the real estate business and the great strides he has made over the course of his young career through sheer hard work and determination. He leverages a modern approach to selling properties that is distinctively authentic, creative, strategic, and client-oriented, striving to exceed client goals and ambitions through engaging marketing plans..

Always looking for a way to refine his diligent service and offer value to his clients, Cesar has invested in building partnerships with local respected real estate developers. This has enabled him to better understand the market from a different perspective while serving as an ideal representative to facilitate homeownership. Cesar is also adaptive and receptive to his clients’ needs, which has allowed him to continuously deliver beyond client goals and expectations. Having trained gymnastics for 8+ years in order to reach the Olympics, his discipline, perseverance, and resilience are enviable and unparalleled.

Cesar credits coming from very humble beginnings for his unique appreciation for life. This is evidenced by his undeniable self-drive and strong will to always be the best at what he does. He derives his inspiration from seeing his parents and grandparents build themselves from the ground up, keeping him grounded and hungry for success. This fuels his intent to dominate the field not for himself but for those who depend on him including his family, clients, and colleagues. His steadfast professionalism, integrity and tenacity further complement his love for his craft thereby positioning him for success in the real estate industry.
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Cesar Estefan

2800 Kirby Dr. Suite A-206
Houston, 77098