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Central Riverdale, Bronx, NY   Address

Located in central Riverdale, our office at 3544 Johnson Avenue will introduce you to the neighborhood and help you find your new home. Our many affiliations can help you connect with the right professionals—mortgage brokers, attorneys, contractors, architects, even electricians and plumbers—at every point in the process.

Many of our clients are currently living in the city and want to remain close to all that it offers while enjoying the greenery, backyard space, and other perks of suburban life, and we can help with the transition. Our recent closings include homes over $1 million with river views as well as rentals at all price levels; we’re especially familiar with the area's many co-op apartments.

Teamwork helps our agents provide better service; we all work together the way a small family would. A significant number of our agents live in the neighborhood–many were born and raised here–so we're uniquely qualified to introduce you to life in Riverdale. We think globally as well as locally: Among our agents are several who are fluent in at least two languages, including Spanish, Finnish and German.
3544 Johnson Ave
Central Riverdale, Bronx