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About Reona

Reo has worked in real estate for nearly 10 years and has built a reputation for being very honest, accurate, and detail-oriented. He always triple-checks his work to make sure things are perfect, is never late for appointments, and knows how to head off issues before they arise and find fast solutions.

Whenever Reo's parents sought houses, apartments, or simply going to open houses, he thoroughly enjoyed looking at properties. This inspired him to ultimately choose real estate, an occupation he feels is unlike any other. "Real estate is a heart-to-heart profession, which I love," he says.”

“I believe that in any given deal, whether it is a rental or sale, both parties have to be satisfied in the end. It is my duty to make sure that all steps are explained, that everyone is prepared and well-educated, and that the process goes from A to Z seamlessly. Transparency and honesty are the hallmarks of my practice, and I take pride in disclosing all information to my clients so they can make confident, smart decisions.”

Hailing from Japan, Reo immigrated to Hawaii with his family at the age of 14. He spent 12+ years in that beautiful island state, then moved to vibrant New York City in 2011 to work in real estate in the most sophisticated market in the world. In his earlier years in the business, Reo primarily held customer service and sales-related roles because of his passion to help people and talent for identifying/fulfilling their needs. When he decided to pursue real estate professionally, he moved to New York City, the toughest real estate market in the world, and a challenge he greatly wanted to pursue.

Reo looks forward to serving your needs with tenacity, integrity and dedication. He was formerly at a Japanese real estate firm based in NYC, primarily helping expats who were moving from Japan to New York. In addition he worked in hospitality at high-end Michelin star-rated restaurants, perfecting his well-honed customer service skills.

Reo specializes mainly in condominium rentals plus handles apartment sales as well. When not busy working, he takes weekly vocal lessons, likes to cook, and loves trying new cuisines. Other favorite pastimes are riding Citi Bikes around town exploring neighborhoods, and playing video games.
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Reona Ono

1995 Broadway
New York, 10023