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Terence Degnan is no stranger to the logistics and emotional upheaval of real estate renting, owning, and moving. As a moving professional for over a decade (Terence worked his way up the ranks from mover to salesperson to field manager to department director, and finally to C.O.O.), Terence has been on the front lines and behind the sales of moving, sales, and leadership, before moving over to real estate itself. He brings his invaluable experience and understanding of the ins and outs of business and transitioning between homes to The Denver Butson Team, and to each of his clients -- whether they are looking for a new apartment, trying to rent out their townhouse, looking to buy or sell a property, or rent a commercial space.

A poet with two books of poetry published, former chef with ten-years of restaurant experience, a non-profit director currently running a storytelling series and a poetry series, a mentor and teacher, a devoted father and husband, and a longtime Brooklyn resident, Terence has a creative business savvy, a love of New York and its neighborhoods, and a personal, friendly approach to the clients he sees as his neighbors and fellow parents, artists, and friends.

Terence is a tireless worker and believer in what he does. He dedicates time and attention to listening his clients and finding them exactly what they need, often uncovering properties that are not easy to find and bringing all parties to the table to creatively find common ground, when that common ground might not have seemed possible before.
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Terence Degnan

237 Smith St
Brooklyn, 11231