Graig Linn

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About Graig

Graig specializes in representing buyers and sellers in condo and co-op transactions, as well as clients with luxury rental needs throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. He is a full-service adviser and advocate for a diverse clientele who trust his expertise and insightfulness. Not only is Graig an outstanding listener, but a lightning-fast responder who ensures that all his clients' needs are met. He presents his clients with the best real estate options with efficient market research tailored to their budget, location and specific desires. He meets each opportunity with unwavering excitement and a commitment to do whatever it takes to make his clients happy.

Graig an 14-year resident and active community member of vibrant Hell’s Kitchen, earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Loyola University in Baltimore and has over 15 years of financial experience prior to joining the real estate industry. His strong background in financial sales and strategic marketing is enhanced by his keen attention to detail and unparalleled commitment to success. He combines a lifelong love for people, real estate and architecture with an enthusiastic personality and determined work ethic that is second to none. In his free time, Graig is an avid chef, traveler and film lover, and enjoys giving back to the community through philanthropy and fundraising.
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  • Loyola University Baltimore

Graig Linn

111 Fifth Ave
New York, 10003