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About Maria

Mara is proud to be part of the Douglas Elliman team. She is the owner of The Perfect Wife Concierge Service in New York City ( Since she arrived to Manhattan from her country Venezuela on 2014, she has helped grow her Concierge Service business exponentially. Because of the nature of this business, she is surrounded by homeowners and international investors, this fact made her understand that the natural next step for her was to become a Real Estate broker.

Concierge Service experience: While in the concierge field she has met a lot of Sellers and buyers, renters for whom she takes care of their properties before or after the deals. Also, she has built a relationships with supers, landlords, management offices, service personnel, and porters. She has experience and expertise in the fields of maintenance, renovation, updating, decorating to any bespoken need the client has. She has been able to handle all with thorough and great professionalism and knowledge.

New Yorker: She finds pretentious to call herself a New Yorker however, she feels like a new Yorker, even better a citizen of the world and the world starts in New York city.
She came to New York to visit for the first time as a child and since then she has been in the city almost every year of her life. Some years she has spent two or three continuous months here. She knows the city, it’s architecture and the history of the buildings. If there is something she does not know she will research and give the most accurate information.

Marketing experience: She has been in the service business all her life. She has worked as a Creative Director in advertising agencies handling not only the creative area but the marketing and production fields. This experience has given her high skills in the sales area, she can sell from ideas to services and of course properties, in a diligent and efficient way.

Secret tool: She likes to visualize her in different situations and she always saw herself living here. She made her way in 2013 when she applied for an artist visa. She is a writer and a photographer so her dossier and recognition made it possible to get a Green Card in 9 months. That’s who she is: A striver that achieves what she goes for and she is willing to visualize her clients in the properties they want.

Detailed oriented: She pays attention to what the client needs and looks for the best way to understand and fulfill their ask. She believes every client is unique and that is how she treats them all. There are no similar cases, each one depicts a distinctive situation and for this reason, she provides a different marketing and selling approach for all cases.

She speaks fluently English, Spanish, and French: She studied Mass Communication: Advertising, and Journalism. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and a Professional Photography career and Writing background.

Maria is willing to guide sellers, buyers, and renters through the emotional roller coaster Real Estate is in New York City. As it was said before she loves to listen and understand the needs of any client and will do more than average to achieve their goals. Having Mara as your Real Estate Sales Agent brings all her expertise into the table. Maria is willing to find your dream home and give you the keys to it.
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Maria Octavio

1995 Broadway
New York, 10023