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In real estate, location is always the key…and Manhattan will always have the master key!

Zita Alvarez Lo believes that real estate in the #1 city in the world is the best place to invest one's money. In a sales market that is extremely competitive, not only will real property hold its value, buyers also get to enjoy their wonderful home in a very culturally rich and diverse city. "I treat customers as I would a family member - with plenty of patience, kindness and respect as they make their next major life decision," says Zita.

"Knowledge is power, so I strive to educate people on all aspects of the marketplace citing my real estate experiences. It enriches them with a practical perspective of their situation in relation to what they hear and read in the news."

Highly sensitive to her clients' needs, Zita immediately establishes a strong rapport with people and is quick to get to the bottom of their housing needs and preferences. She is by nature inquisitive, intuitive and practical, so she is able to easily hone in on a select group of on-target apartments for each customer once her initial in-depth interview is complete.

Zita's effectiveness in dealing with people, handling details and working with numbers is enhanced by her background as a bookkeeper, public school teacher, and former radio producer/announcer.
With her excellent listening skills, calm demeanor and her determination to get results, she sensitively guides her clients to realize their pursuits via a smooth manageable process.

After several years working independently as an agent, her clients attest to her committed work ethic, dedication and professionalism.

To find balance in her hectic life, Zita takes time outside of work to enjoy life in art, music, theater, fine dining and travel. Let Zita Alvarez Lo be the person to guide you through your next real estate rental, sale or purchase.
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Zita Alvarez Lo

575 Madison Ave
New York, 10022