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Well known and widely regarded as one Douglas Elliman’s most savvy and adept brokers, Scott has consistently been on the company’s ‘top producer’ list.

One glance at past or current properties represented by Scott reveals they are typically among the very best of type, from an Upper East Side Classic 6 to the very best of Tribeca’s lofts. The common denominator is: ‘stand out’… from the finest of period architecture to the best of cutting edge design. The primary reason?...clients are drawn to Scott who share his enthusiasm, appreciation and understanding of great design…and ultimately want that understanding and appreciation communicated to the marketplace.

Known as a ‘numbers guy’ Scott epitomizes the new breed of real-estate professional whose strong business background is ideally suited to helping clients navigate what has become an ever more high stakes trade. No one is more skilled at helping both buyers and sellers understand the market and make well-thought-out decisions rather pricing to sell, or strategizing to get the best ‘buy’.

After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University, Scott rose through the ranks of Proctor and Gamble before joining Douglas Elliman in 1999. Scott’s strong business background was preceded by three years of formal study in the college of Arts and Architecture. Real Estate ultimately proved to be a great blend for a strong business background and a love of design coupled with a great eye and the ability to quickly grasp the aesthetic vision of individual clients.

Potential sellers referred to Scott quickly realize they are in the best of hands! What one associate described as ‘a kind of Jimmy Stewart demeanor’ is only on target if you associate that demeanor with the height of ethics and honesty because a very shrewd negotiator is set to work on your behalf. Using the best photographers available coupled with a bent for writing the most visually suggestive descriptions, Scott intuitively puts a property in the best possible light (both literally and figuratively). Scott guarantee’s his sellers that “anyone and everyone who might have an interest in their property will be aware of it… and equally important will have access to it”.

Not satisfied with the periodic open house Scott and his teammate Dennis St. Germain conduct open houses every week until a property is sold. This focus on saturation only works by keeping the list of currently marketed properties on the short side; each is treated as if it was the only priority! As Scott suggests, “some brokers have an inordinately long list of properties on the market – knowing that a certain percent will sell - that works for them - I have no desire to run an assembly line of sorts – we focus on a handful of superb properties, and then deliver satisfaction to each and every client”.

Periodically Scott has taken over properties represented by others that have languished on the market and been able to reinvigorate with great success and get the job done. Scott freely advises any prospective client to compare when seeking brokerage service – “real estate brokerage is like any other service – it pays to comparison shop! If you have a broker in mind - - I’m more than happy to be that point of comparison to help you reach the right decision.” Scott also believes the rapport between broker and client must feel right – “just as there are a myriad of client personalities – there are a myriad of broker personalities. When working with a new buyer I don’t seek a commitment to work exclusively with them until enough time has been spent together that we both intuitively know there is a good understanding of the shared goal”.

“If you’re satisfied with the results…I’m happy with the results…that’s when I feel my reward…and trust we’ll be back in touch when that next desire to buy or sell presents”.

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Scott Allison

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