Jeanna Petrozza

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About Jeanna

“Real estate agents – or great real estate agents – understand that they are in a service-driven business,” says Jeanna Petrozza, who long worked in the service industry even prior to her entering real estate sales. “Vital to being effective is the ability to listen well, respond quickly, and maintain close working relationships with every customer and client through every step of the deal.”

Jeanna has done transactions in almost every neighborhood of Manhattan and does constant research and previewing of inventory so she is always up to speed on the real estate market. Coupled with that, she prides herself on her gift for being an excellent listener which she feels is invaluable in bringing a successful real estate transaction to life. “For sellers, this enables me to transform the ideas of the buyer into a sound marketing that generates maximum exposure and drives the proper sales price. For a buyer or renter, this means I can formulate a plan to show them what they re looking for, not what they are interested in. There’s often a difference!”

Originally from Long Island, Jeanna has called Manhattan home for over ten years and has come to know every inch of the city well. A cum laude graduate of Long Island University, CW Post who holds her Masters Degree, she has traveled extensively over the years and very much enjoys meeting new people, discovering different cultures and exploring new territories. “I love to learn what makes people tick.”

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Jeanna Petrozza

575 Madison Ave
New York, 10022