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Who your real estate agent is does matter. It goes beyond integrity and best price. It is also about best fit, best feeling, and best process: the intangibles that ensure that your apartment will feel like home. From the beginning of the search to the moment you put the keys into the lock and not only say “This is mine,” but also “This is me.”

I have been an Associate Broker and Licensed real estate agent with the top firm in New York City, Douglas Elliman. For the past 23 years, the Resident Broker Specialist for London Terrace Towers, a Prewar Co-op in West Chelsea. I have sold and rented hundreds of apartments throughout New York City – from quaint studios to multi-million dollar Penthouses. My success is my clients’ success-and vice versa: it is holistic. I meet clients on all the dimensions that matter. I bring brain, heart and soul to my craft.

It is about the BRAIN, of course: I have unparalleled knowledge of the inventory and, of what the price should be and can be, of how to engage into and close complicated transactions, and of knowledge of the entire Chelsea neighborhood and other neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

It is about the HEART: caring that you find the apartment you love, that your time is minimized, that you feel accompanied and supported in what may be the most significant financial decision you’ll make.

It is about the SOUL: finding the apartment that feels just right to you because I have understood your priorities and needs... the cozy apartment that you will love coming into in the evening when you have a glass of wine. Or the apartment that lets you be a chef for a brunch for 10 – make that 20. Or the home with the vista that leaves you breathless and makes you say: I love New York. I will find it for you!

Before becoming a broker I worked as an interior stylist at Maurice Villency and Roche Bobois, Paris France, two leading high end design firms. It is there that I learned how to stage a space to maximize its appeal, its perceived size, its flow – and to convey the emotion that is just right for that space... maybe a sense of happiness, or sense of calm, of excitement, of coziness… I maximize the value of the properties.

I market a property by taking into account not only potential buyers, but also the apartment’s own sense of place and potential. I make it shine like a diamond – but at its own frequency.
I have transacted millions of dollars’ worth of New York City real estate. Each transaction has been highly personal, guided by integrity, focused on success. That is the way my clients want it: that is also my way!

My Motto is simple: I’ll never go wrong doing right by my clients.
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  • Associate Broker
  • Broker Specialist- London Terrace Towers

Bruce Wayne Solomon

111 Fifth Ave
New York, 10003