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About Paulette

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. –

Paulette is a licensed associate broker offering sellers and buyers the highest level of expertise, professionalism, and personal attention in every facet of the real estate industry. Paulette stands for something other than fees; it's not only a matter of what you do, but how you do it.

Paulette listens closely, anticipates, and asks the right questions on a timely basis, provides real answers, and develops with her clients and customers a customized plan based on their goals and objectives, offering them individualized approaches and solutions that accommodate highly individual priorities.

Paulette is dedicated to providing a superior level of service and support yielding superior results. Paulette is sensitive to her clients and customers and they call upon Paulette to provide trusted counsel. Every client and customer relationship with Paulette is forged in trust and founded in privacy. She is thoughtful and proactive, embracing complexity in order to eliminate market “noise,” reduce complexity anxiety, and focus on the goal. Paulette delivers results that define the best solution.

When working with a seller, Paulette carefully plans the marketing strategy, explaining every step to the owner. Paulette, thorough and meticulous, makes certain that every piece of material relating to the property, from advertisements to promotional material, is professional, stylish, and buyer-friendly. From the first open house through negotiations, contract signing, and finally, the closing, Paulette brings her wealth of sales skills to bear and she is there for the seller every step of the way.

When helping a buyer to find a new home, Paulette is an invaluable resource, bringing her understanding of the New York City real estate market, and her broad and deep knowledge of the city itself to the search. Paulette won't rest until she has found the property that is “just right.”

Paulette's intelligence, integrity, perception and clarity win the trust and respect of clients and industry associates alike. Paulette has been elected repeatedly by her peers to serve as a liaison between salespeople and management. Her abilities to listen and negotiate make her one of the city's outstanding brokers.

Paulette has appeared on ABC and NY1 television news. Her colleagues regard her as a resource for her knowledge of properties, of the city itself, and for her adroit negotiating skills. Paulette also knows how to get things done and where to find it.
Trained as an art historian, her ability to look discerningly, well honed perception skills and visual acuity serve her clients and customers well.

Paulette received her MBA from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and serves as co-chair of the Real Estate Committee of the Alumni Club and is a Friend of the Historic Districts Council. She graduated, summa cum laude with election to Phi Beta Kappa, from Rutgers

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Paulette Demers

111 Fifth Ave
New York, 10003