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About Lorraine

In real estate the buzz words are “location, location, location”. Lorraine is about “listen, listen, listen”.

It is not only Lorraine’s knowledge and experience that have made her an effective and successful broker since 1996, but also her innate sensitivity to clients’ and customers’ needs and expectations. Listening to buyers’ needs is essential to narrowing the big gap between what is available and exactly what they desire. On the other hand, sellers know the many little things that make their homes comfortable and relaxing. Location may suggest simply an address; for Lorraine, it is a place where clients should have the pleasant sense of personal ease. It’s…home.

“When a client is happy, you know you’ve done your job well.” This business is about matching people to the kind of homes they are looking for and learning the individual characteristics that make each home desirable. As in all top notch service companies the agent has to pay attention to exactly what the client prefers. On the other hand the broker must store away every detail that makes each home advantageous. Every location has certain advantages for certain people. What the broker is seeking is – “the perfect match.”

“I am always fascinated by the repeat clients. The phone calls almost always start with how happy the buyers are with their apartments, but then there is a pause and I’m told that they’re looking for something a little bigger or would like to move across town. You have to expect this, I guess, with New York being the home of commerce and success stories, but what I feel good about when it happens is the sense that you have won the client’s trust. It is a nice feeling. They are saying, I’m very happy. I’m moving on. You helped. Can you help me again? It means I’ve done my job well and they are entrusting me once again, to find them their new ‘perfect match’.

In addition to being a licensed real estate agent in New York, she also holds a New Jersey real estate license and is a Notary Public. Lorraine has worked with Ann Cutbill Lenane, at Douglas Elliman, since 1996.

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Lorraine Weiss

1995 Broadway
New York, 10023
221 River St
Hoboken, 07030