Elia Clemente

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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About Elia

In real estate, the most important element in a relationship between client and broker is trust. Once that bond of trustworthiness is realized, success is much more attainable. Elia Clemente inspires trust in all his working relationships, and encourages the confidence of every buyer and seller he works with. Like a waterfront estate on 55 acres in the village of North Haven Elia brought to market in 2007 for $80 million--the highest listing price on residential property in the history of New York state at that time.
Elia assures everyone he represents that by choosing him as their agent, and Douglas Elliman has the firm behind him, they are getting a leading and experience team to fulfill their needs. Himself an investor who has bought and sold properties throughout the city for over 20 years, Elia understands the intricacy of the process, and so strives to make the road as smooth as possible for others.

He calls upon the entire city marketplace to find the right home for people, because more often than not, they tend to fall in love with a completely different area than when they started their quest.
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Elia Clemente

1995 Broadway
New York, 10023