John Mazurek

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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About John

Executive Sales Manager, 237 Smith Street

“Your work is tasty” John was once told. After smiling and saying “thank you,” he asked what it meant. “It’s what the Irish workmen say, ‘His work is tasty.’ It means you keep at it until it’s done just so.” Maurilyn D., Co op owner

John got his work ethic from his dad Joe, a Master Carpenter who would show up at someone’s home with a skill saw and 5 sheets of plywood and leave that evening with custom kitchen cabinets in place. From the time he was 8, John was carrying his dad’s tools on weekend jobs so that by the time he was 11, he was helping his dad hang doors, crawl under houses when needed (this was in California), and was even allowed to drive nails with a 13 ounce finish hammer. It served John well—at 17, when his friends were taking summer jobs mowing lawns or working at the local burger shop, John had his own Redwood fencing and deck Company.

John’s never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. Before establishing himself as a knowledgeable and well-respected Licensed RE Broker, he’d been an Electrical Foreman, Head Carpenter and once he moved to New York, a General Contractor. John’s friendliness, open attitude and doggedness are trademarks needed when overseeing the entire Gut Renovation of a Harlem Brownstone. Helping owners fulfill their desires and needs, offering advice and practical solutions, negotiating with sub- contractors, leading 10 man crews, dealing with NYC Department of Buildings, interpreting the Architects’ ideas—all these things take patience and the ability to listen, not necessarily to what someone is saying, but to what it is they actually want.

This skill set and background has been a great advantage for John and his clients. Knowing buildings the way he does, John gives advice to Sellers on what can be done inexpensively to show off their places in the best fashion. He helps his buyers truly understand what an apartment will need to make it their home. And with a Carpenters eye can see things in a building that others miss, or recognize the potential in a derelict building, (he has sold three of them in his career).

It was natural that John would move into real estate, first as a Salesperson then earning his Associate Broker license, being involved with everything from Studio apartments to numerous building/townhouse sales. With people skills honed from years running his own companies, he quickly earned a reputation for honesty and fairness, someone who listens to concerns and thoroughly explains the processes involved in all facets of the deal. He’s learned over the years that some empathy and a little sense of humor help ease tensions that can build up during negotiations. He also realizes that in what is fast becoming a technology driven business, at the end of the day it’s still about a handshake and a warm smile.

“I don’t just deal with buildings-- I deal with people’s homes, their lives. I take that responsibility very seriously. Whenever you’re dealing with a person’s home— whether it be buying, selling, renting, whatever— it can be a very trying, personal experience for them. I want all my customers to know from the start that I understand what a personal endeavor this can be, and that I make every effort to treat them with professionalism, courtesy, and not least of all, kindness.”
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John Mazurek

237 Smith St
Brooklyn, 11231