Adam West Hemming

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About Adam West

Adam Came to Manhattan in 2005 after gleefully leaving the calm paradise of Laguna Beach for the fast-paced-super-magnanimous energy of NYC.

Maintaining a passion for sales and marketing comes naturally to Adam as he is never happier than when he is helping a client realize their dream. His motto sums up this passion - “Life is relationships, the rest is just details.”

Developing a strong real estate skill set was a natural culmination of his career path combined with a curiosity about life and lifestyle in the city. His business ventures have ranged from the entertainment industry to sales and marketing. In entertainment, Adam spent over a decade as a studio singer in Los Angeles, during which time he co-founded No Square Theatre of Laguna Beach. Concurrently, Adam was Vice President of Sales for Viva Life Science, which is a global manufacturing and marketing company.

An element of New York City that appeals to Adam is the incredible diversity represented. Learning from differences and discovering similarities in people is a passion of his. Whatever angle one may consider, New York has an enchanting mix of everything imaginable. This one-of-a-kind mega culture is fresh and unparalleled, feeding his desire to experience new and intriguing things.

While encountering all kinds of fascinating New Yorkers, Adam has a keen capacity to listen and understand their needs. This understanding results in connecting clients with the perfect residence in a timely manner while making the process enjoyable. His relationship approach to sales combined with a passion for the industry have helped Adam develop strong relationships with property owners, management companies and the brokerage community at large, rendering him an excellent asset in the field of New York City real estate.
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Adam West Hemming

140 Franklin St
New York, 10013