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Montauk is the easternmost point of New York State. After Montauk: the Atlantic Ocean. An angler’s paradise and home to the largest fishing fleet in New York State, fishing here is thought to be the world’s best. Montauk has its share of rich and famous residents and visitors, but they’re not there to be seen. This is a beach community; Montauk is all about the beach, the ocean, fishing and seaside living. Though our office is right on Main Street, when you’re on Main Street in Montauk, you’re a block and a half from the ocean.

Our Montauk office is located directly across from the Gazebo on the Green, where you’ll find free music on Monday evenings. The 12 agents in our office may come to work in flip-flops, but that doesn’t mean they’re not serious about providing the absolute best in customer service and giving buyers and sellers the best possible advantages. It goes without saying that we specialize in waterfront property, but we also have expertise in handling new developments and sales to foreign buyers. And while Montauk isn’t where you’ll find the dizzying social whirl and high-end mansions of Southampton, there are many luxury homes here.

We’re standouts when it comes to real estate sales in the area, and we’re one of the only offices in the Montauk area to use a multiple listing service. Among our more impressive recent listings, and one of Montauk’s largest, was Startop Ranch, Montauk’s second-oldest ranch and a well-known thoroughbred breeding and training ranch in the1950s.

Our award-winning agents and manager—winner of a REBNY distinguished service award, a Rotary International Paul Harris fellowship, a Gift of Life award and accolades for community service—include three of the most experienced agents in Montauk as well as one of its youngest, who also happens to be one of its most successful. Our agents are all local, seasoned professionals. Though they’re friendly, down-to-earth and genuine, their dedication to the job and their customers is unwavering. They all share the Montauk pride that comes from being a part of this special community.
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