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Jeff Bitsimis is a Real Estate Professional with over 30 years of experience in Sales & Customer service training. Having run a multimillion dollar NYC company for 20+ years, prior to joining Douglas Elliman, Jeff honed his skills in handling the needs of others in an effective, thoughtful and caring manner.

Jeff is known for his Honesty, Integrity and trustworthiness, and as such has always found a way, at the negotiation table, to make all parties happy. Never one to walk away from a challenge, Jeff finds a way to break through barriers, and help people to lower their guard, because they feel comfortable in his hands. Remembering the adage that a successful negotiation is one in which both sides feel like they have walked away with something which satisfies their needs, he always has a keen ear to what people need, and finds a thoughtful way in which to communicate these needs to the both sides. Tact & diplomacy is an artful skill which Jeff has developed over the past 30 years.

Building successful relationships is the key to success in any business, and at the heart of what Jeff is best at. With an attentive ear, a congenial manner, and a knack for breaking down barriers, Jeff has successfully dealt with everyone from CEO’s and Executives of Fortune 100 companies to people on the street; affording all the same respect and attention no matter their station in life.

Listening is the most important thing which Jeff does, and it serves him well since he rarely fails to connect with people.

Having grown up and lived on Long Island for over 50 years, and worked in NYC for 30 years, Jeff has a keen knowledge of much of the beautiful landscape from Manhattan to Montauk, and how to get to and fro. This along with his arsenal of business skills equips Jeff well to take care of your Real Estate needs with a very high probability of an outstanding outcome. There is another good reason for this, because his Mantra has always been, “It’s all about the relationship”. No matter what product or service you are providing it is of paramount importance how you take care of the people which you serve. Jeff has found that if you’re passionate about helping people, and you genuinely live life with a caring & benevolent heart, everyone will make out in the end.

Jeff has earned numerous accolades throughout the years from his peers in business, but of paramount importance were the ones he earned from his clients, many whom have become long standing friends. He learned early in his career that if you treat people with Honesty, Integrity & Respect, and show them that you truly care about them, that you will earn their trust, and there is nothing more valuable than this in business; especially when it comes to one of our most important & valuable assets; our homes.

Those who know Jeff all agree; he will take care of you, and make sure that everything is done to provide for the best possible outcome for you, because that is just who he is. After all people don’t care what you KNOW until they know that you CARE!
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  • Leading Edge Award - Top 16% of agents
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Jeffrey Bitsimis

1772 East Jericho Tpke
Huntington, 11743

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