7 Summer Design Trends for Your Home

With summer in full swing, and so many of us still working from home, we thought it would be the perfect time to explore the latest interior design trends. Elliman Insider sat down with Jade McNeil, Senior Interior Designer for luxury designated real estate marketing firm, Interior Marketing Group (IMG), to get the scoop. Here’s Jade’s top picks for how to spruce up your interior decorating this summer:

1. Plant life and fresh flowers 

Plants make us feel more happy and optimistic. In addition to cleaning the air and reducing stress—two extremely important benefits as we all continue to work from home—greenery adds texture and life to enhance your space.

2. Earth tones and natural materials: 

Natural materials and colors help to bring a sense of serenity and relaxation into any room. Wood tones but with added texture, like rattan, bring in the light, beachy feel for a more casual summer space. 

3. Large geometric prints:  

Bold patterns reflect the equally bold colors and flavors of summer. Have fun with pillows, wallpaper and area rugs in contrasting colors, like black and white.

4. Retreat spaces: 

No TVs allowed! A quiet room or secluded area to decompress and relax from the turbulent world is a must for our clients these days.  

5. Hide the clutter: 

Many of our clients are looking to reorganized and declutter their homes this summer. Clutter in your space leads to clutter in your head, so put it away. Look for furniture with organic materials and textures that also offer closed storage.

6. Curves:

Our clients are really leaning towards a softer, more relaxed home and that means addressing both furniture and architecture. Before, the focus was on having a lot of linear shapes, but now, our clients have been leaning towards curved seating and archways.

7. Scents: 

Like plant life, scents really set the tone for a space. Add a new scented candle or diffuser to your home like Diptyque Miami for a fresh summer scent.

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