Jessica Levine—on how Living her Dream job is her Secret to Success

When interviewing successful agents, we often hear about their special morning routine, their hard work ethic, or their go-getter personality. But for Elliman agent Jessica Levine, the real secret to her success is that she believes she has found her dream job—every day is a new adventure. Elliman Insider sat down with Jessica to find out how both her passion for developing relationships with clients and her love for New York City has helped her create a life she truly loves.

Elliman Insider: You’ve been consistently ranked in the top 10 of individual agents of Douglas Elliman. What keeps you motivated?

Jessica Levine: I genuinely love the job I do—the negotiating, hustling and all aspects of real estate, as well as New York City. I truly believe I work my dream job, which helps me stay motivated. Helping buyers find their dream home while building a relationship of trust and friendship with them is one of my favorite parts about my work. Sellers entrust me to get them the best price, negotiate on their behalf, and value an honest, straightforward approach to guide them on market activity.

EI: What made you choose to conduct business as an individual agent instead of forming a team?

JL: I’ve worked as an individual agent for almost 14 years and prefer the role of managing my listings verses managing a team. I pride myself on telling clients when they hire me that they will deal and work with me exclusively.

EI: You are a top agent in one of the world’s toughest markets, how do you use social media in your work?

JL: I use social media to have an online presence that allows clients to connect with me on a more personal level that goes beyond real estate. I frequently mix my personal life of travel, family and friends with business.

In lieu of a newsletter, I usually post a quarterly update with various thoughts on the market, market trends and apartments that went to contract where I represented a buyer or seller. I’m active on Instagram where I share headlines and screen shots in stories from news organizations and upcoming listings. I also conduct polls which allow my followers to vote and engage.

EI: How have you used this time during COVID-19 to grow personally and professionally?

JL: While COVID-19 was a challenge both personally and professionally, the pandemic did allow me to “turn off” from the non-stop hustle that comes with being a broker. Stuck in quarantine since real estate brokers were deemed non essential, I was only able to connect with clients from behind the safety of a computer screen. I’ve found in recent months that these new circumstances have allowed me to connect with clients on a more personal and emotional level than before.

Personally, I’ve made use of my kitchen (I’ve cooked more in the past 3 months than in the past 10 years), began meditating, and attempted in-home workouts which, surprisingly, can be as effective as the gym. I also nixed cable television and traveled out west to social distance in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

I truly believe I work my dream job, which helps me stay motivated.

EI: Do you live by a personal mantra?

JL: Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life – Confucius

EI: Do you have any advice for new agents?

JL: Hustle, build relationships, find a mentor, stay ethical and honest. If you are entrepreneurial, personable and have a strong work ethic, you can start from scratch without connections and still succeed. Know your inventory and market and stay active on current events, world news, financial markets, etc. These things affect your business and clients.

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