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Real Estate Expert, Yvonne Skovron, has an extensive success record in guiding her clients to their dream home, quickly and stress freely. Yvonne places a strong emphasis on systems and marketing which has helped her build strong customer service skills and recognition in the market place. Together with her team, she provides support for all your Real Estate desires and has the knowledge, enthusiasm and intentions to make your experience not only successful but exciting! By actively listening to her clients and addressing their concerns, Yvonne realized how difficult finding a home truly is. Real Estate cannot be defined in a text book or as a permanent shade of black or white, it is full of obstacles, boundaries and detours and that is why you need Yvonne, as she knows how to defeat them all. There is no task too big or too small for Yvonne as considers herself a concierge realtor and handles all aspects of purchasing a new home from the loan process to finding the local school district to even assisting her clients in finding a rental apartment while their new home details finalize. She has done it all to make sure her clients are happy and comfortable the entire journey.
Born and raised in London, England Yvonne worked as a Credit Controller for an American Electronic Company. In 2001, Yvonne and her family decided to immigrate to South Florida. From 2001 through 2007 Yvonne remained active in her children’s lives and the community by serving as the Treasurer in the PTA. She worked hard and remained focused on inspiring young minds to become strong adults. She instilled in children to always value themselves, take on leadership roles, work hard, be independent, be self-starters and always drive themselves to accomplish their goals. She also helped promote a very prominent organization at their school known as Kids against Alcohol which is a re-enactment of a drinking and driving car accident to demonstrate to kids that it is possible to be “here today, gone tomorrow” and how important it is to save a life and their own by choosing not drink and drive. This assembly was always a success which still brings Yvonne pure bliss.
Once her children graduated, Yvonne, being naturally intrigued by her community, wanted to stay active in her surroundings so she decided to begin her career as a Real Estate Agent. The year 2007 was a difficult time in the economy for Real Estate and that is when Yvonne grasped her expertise in the Short Sale Market and became a Certified Distressed Property Expert. Whilst specializing in loan values, where several of her listings exceeded millions of dollars, she educated her clients on the different options available to them and why listing their property as a short sale would be the most effective option to bring success to their situation. Unlike most traditional transactions where the client and realtor sat down face to face, Yvonne, having such a gift and talent with making her clients feel comfortable, would inform them entirely through phone and email correspondence so their days were never bothered with meetings or appointments. She successfully completed over 90% of her accounts through this interaction which her clients found extremely admirable.
Yvonne uses her knowledge of raising children to help give back to the local community by volunteering. She is involved in JAFCO, Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options, where she is a proud godparent of a young child in their establishment. She is extremely charismatic on all levels which shines when she is working with her clients and with children.

Lastly, Yvonne is a hardworking, go-getter herself and does not give up until the job is done which is what distinguishes her from the competition as defeat is not a word that exists in her vocabulary. A change in a residence is more than just a geographical or financial change but it’s an emotional change and that is why she will be your realtor for life.

Yvonne, is currently the President of the Condo Association, where she resides
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Yvonne Skovron

900 East Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, 33483