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209-18 Northern Blvd

Bayside, NY 11361

Main Line: 718.631.8900

Ahn, John 718.631.8900 N/A
Aronov, Eduard 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Ashley, Juliet 718.819.4131 [email protected]
Bacchus, Christopher 516.315.8618 [email protected]
Balis, John 718.819.4175 [email protected]
Balis, George 718.819.4155 [email protected]
Balkan, June 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Barone, Brenda 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Basantani, Jaikishin 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Bassaly, Janet 718.819.4041 [email protected]
Bassily, Yasser 718.819.4039 [email protected]
Blackman, Diane 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Brown, Consuela 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Brown, Shawn 718.819.4060 [email protected]
Busillo, Miranda 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Carr, Maria 718.819.4025 [email protected]
Centanni, Cindy 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Chambers, Michael 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Chen, Xiao (Mia) 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Chen, Jessie 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Chin-Woo, Belinda 718.819.4097 [email protected]
Civil, Johanne 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Cooper, Jason 718.819.4028 [email protected]
Copersino, Laura 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Correira, David 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Cosgrove, Lance 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Cox, Carole 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Cunningham, Alzonia 718.631.8900 [email protected]
D'Amico, Lisa 212.692.8395 [email protected]
DAntoni, Patricia 718.819.4070 [email protected]
DeAnnuntis, Joseph 917.797.9030 [email protected]
DeCordova, Herb 718.819.4031 [email protected]
DeCostanzo, Valerie 718.631.8900 [email protected]
DeFerrari, Martha 718.819.4058 [email protected]
Della Croce, Lisa 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Dellepiane, Rosa 718.631.8900 [email protected]
DelMonaco, Sandro 718.631.4008 [email protected]
Der Artinian, Arshak 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Derartinian, Lucine 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Devieux, Marie-Alyce 718.935.6166 [email protected]
Donofrio, Bill 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Dzhurayev, David 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Dzhurayev, Roman 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Estacio, Rudy 718.819.4171 [email protected]
Evans, Andrea 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Falabella, Lawrence 718.819.4024 [email protected]
Feder, Lenore 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Feng, Wanting (Dorothy) 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Fiscaletti, Debbie 718.819.4063 [email protected]
Flores, Marlene 212.769.6560 [email protected]
Fouche Rigaud, Elizabeth 718.819.4013 [email protected]
Fuchs, Carolyn 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Genao, Mayra 718.819.4038 [email protected]
Giakoumatos, Gerry 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Giambalvo, Vincent 917.210.1072 [email protected]
Giocoli, Immacolata 718.935.6137 [email protected]
Gonzales, Charley 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Grewal, Birbahadur 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Gutermuth, Susanne 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Han, Byungsuk 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Han, Sook 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Harding, Christa 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Hastings, Joseph 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Hong, Kin 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Hsieh, Tsung Mou 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Huang, Penta 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Hughes, Alicia N/A [email protected]
Hultmann, Adriano 646.220.3358 [email protected]
Ibarra, Orietta 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Ip, Kar 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Jara, Peter 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Jenkins, Samuel 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Jennings, Allan 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Jiang, Ji Qiong 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kabbani, Milena 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kakar, Ruby 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kang, Jennifer 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kapsimalopoulos, Adamantia 718.819.4163 [email protected]
Katchikian, Alex 718.819.4011 [email protected]
Kim, Scott 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kim, Ran Young 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kim, Hong Shik 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kim, Henry 917.886.6323 [email protected]
Kol, Leonid 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Korahais, Therese 718.819.4021 [email protected]
Korahais, Peter 718.819.4022 [email protected]
Korahais, Emmanuel 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Korte, Karen 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Kostovski, Olga 718.819.4017 [email protected]
Labbate, Rosalie 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Lam, Tony 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Langadakis, Angelo 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Langadakis, Katherine 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Laurie, Farida 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Lee, John 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Levy, Joyce 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Lewis, Christopher 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Li, Guang Xiong 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Liang, Thomas G.H. 718.631.8900 thomasg.h..[email protected]
Lin, Yan 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Lin, Xiao Qin 718.631.8900 [email protected]
Liubicich, Martha 718.631.8900 martha.liubicich@elliman.com
Lopresto, Angela 718.631.8900 angela.lopresto@elliman.com
Lu, Yan 718.631.8900 yan.lu@elliman.com
Lu, Stella 718.631.8900 stella.lu@elliman.com
Manalang, Rose 718.819.4033 rose.manalang@elliman.com
Manalang, Ryan 718.631.8900 ryan.manalang@elliman.com
Mannino, Girolama 718.631.8900 girolama.mannino@elliman.com
Marinello, Maryann 718.631.8900 maryann.marinello@elliman.com
Maw, Garmani 718.631.8900 garmani.maw@elliman.com
McQueeney, Janine 718.819.4085 janine.mcqueeney@elliman.com
Michaelides, Georgia 718.631.8900 georgia.michaelides@elliman.com
Michelini, Chad 917.744.3627 chad.michelini@elliman.com
Milazzo, Martha 718.819.4130 martha.milazzo@elliman.com
Mileto, Jessica 718.631.8900 N/A
Moran, Geraldine 718.631.8900 geraldine.moran@elliman.com
Munjal, Suman 718.631.8900 suman.munjal@elliman.com
Newsome, Mark 718.631.8900 mark.newsome@elliman.com
Nunes, Luis 718.631.8900 luis.nunes@elliman.com
Padmanabhan, Malathi 718.631.8900 malathi.padmanabhan@elliman.com
Pais, Oscar 718.631.8900 oscar.pais@elliman.com
Pipolo, Janine 718.631.8900 janine.pipolo@elliman.com
Plagman, Risa 718.631.8900 risa.plagman@elliman.com
Potenza, Amanda 718.631.8900 amanda.nunes@elliman.com
Poturica, Joyce 718.631.8900 joyce.poturica@elliman.com
Reardon, Donna 718.631.8900 donna.reardon@elliman.com
Rivera, Yanitzel 718.631.8900 yanitzel.rivera@elliman.com
Rivera, Jesselynn 718.631.8900 jesselynn.rivera@elliman.com
Rivera, Joel 800.391.2010 joel.rivera@elliman.com
Rodriguez, Juan 718.631.8900 juan.rodriguez@elliman.com
Roth, Diane 718.819.4133 diane.roth@elliman.com
Rothstein, Jack 718.631.8900 jack.rothstein@elliman.com
Rynar, Romania 718.819.4118 romania.rynar@elliman.com
Sakellis, James 917.681.7559 james.sakellis@elliman.com
Schnabel, Robert 718.631.8900 robert.schnabel@elliman.com
Seymour, Lynette 718.631.8900 lynette.seymour@elliman.com
Shen, Rachel 718.631.8900 rachel.shen@elliman.com
Sien, Don 718.344.1974 don.sien@elliman.com
Silk, Marilyn 718.819.4016 marilyn.silk@elliman.com
Skevakis, Mary 718.631.4156 mary.kyrtatas@elliman.com
Son, Moon Dal 718.631.8900 moondal.son@elliman.com
Spalas, Nick 718.631.8900 nick.spalas@elliman.com
Spector, Liliana 718.631.8900 liliana.spector@elliman.com
Sun, Diana 917.331.5628 diana.sun@elliman.com
Svitic, Eric 516.721.9768 eric.svitic@elliman.com
Sy, Helen 718.631.8900 helen.sy@elliman.com
Tahir, Munir 718.631.8900 munir.tahir@elliman.com
Tenaglia, Rita 718.631.8900 rita.tenaglia@elliman.com
Tornatore, Marjorie 718.631.8900 N/A
Tsadilas, Spiros 718.631.8900 spiros.tsadilas@elliman.com
Tsao, Kathy 212.891.7788 ktsao@elliman.com
Tsiatis, Alexandra 718.819.4067 alexandra.tsiatis@elliman.com
Tucker, Sharon 718.631.8900 sharon.tucker@elliman.com
Tzelios, Helen 718.819.4062 helen.tzelios@elliman.com
Vega, Yolanda 718.631.8900 yolanda.vega@elliman.com
Wang, Michael 718.631.8900 michael.wang@elliman.com
Watkins, Yvette 718.819.4030 yvette.watkins@elliman.com
Wilson, Jeanette 718.631.8900 jeanette.wilson@elliman.com
Wong, Yu Ying 718.631.8900 yuying.wong@elliman.com
Wong, Tiffany 718.631.8900 tiffany.wong@elliman.com
Wu, Amy 718.344.4830 amy.wu@elliman.com
Xing, Guoliang 718.631.8900 guoliang.xing@elliman.com
Yao, Jing 718.819.4080 jing.yao@elliman.com
Yip, Diana 718.229.0077 diana.yip@elliman.com
Yun, Gary 718.631.8900 gary.yun@elliman.com
Zafra, Martha 718.819.4044 martha.zafra@elliman.com
Zakinova, Olga 718.631.8900 olga.zakinova@elliman.com
Zgombic, Marija 718.631.8900 marija.zgombic@elliman.com
Zhang, Bin 718.631.8900 bin.zhang@elliman.com
Zhang, Jiu Ping 718.819.4164 jiuping.zhang@elliman.com
Zhang, Xiaodong 718.631.8900 xiaodong.zhang@elliman.com
Zheng, Ling Xia 917.669.2889 lingxia.zheng@elliman.com
Zhu, Yi 718.631.8900 yi.zhu@elliman.com

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