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1995 Broadway

1995 Broadway

New York City, NY 10023

Main Line: 212.362.9600

Abeleda, Edilyn 212.712.6403 [email protected]
Adelson, (Mary Beth) 212.452.6412 [email protected]
Akutsu Lee, Hiroko 516.627.9239 [email protected]
Albert, Carol 646.505.5661 [email protected]
Alvarez, Jose 212.712.6060 [email protected]
Amar, Victor 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Ayubi, Karina 212.488.8654 [email protected]
Azani, Orren 212.769.6584 [email protected]
Bader, Ruth (Heino) 646.505.6993 [email protected]
Baker, Nancy Lorraine 646.505.2226 [email protected]
Baker, Joseph 212.769.9866 [email protected]
Baratz, Brittany 212.769.6524 [email protected]
Bari, Susan Phillips 646.505.6996 [email protected]
Bastian, Christian 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Baumann, Gary 212.712.2654 [email protected]
Bercovici, Silvio 646.505.6952 [email protected]
Berger, Jesse I. 646.505.6992 [email protected]
Berger Wegsmar, Graciela 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Bernstein, Marcia 646.505.5659 [email protected]
Berry, Samuel 212.769.9835 [email protected]
Biegelman, Margaret 516.623.3008 [email protected]
Bleier, Shelly 212.769.9881 [email protected]
Bortoli Fraser, Simone 212.769.9880 [email protected]
Botha, Abe 212.769.6558 [email protected]
Braverman, Laurence 646.505.5671 [email protected]
Brewer, Victoria 561.655.8600 [email protected]
Brookner, Larry 212.769.6595 [email protected]
Buchin, Bertrand 917.653.3737 [email protected]
Burman, Karen 212.769.9870 [email protected]
Burman, John 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Burns, Heather 212.769.6581 [email protected]
Butler, Clyde 917.273.9004 [email protected]
Butt, Gregory 212.712.6052 [email protected]
Cabrera, Nancy 646.505.2245 [email protected]
Caceres, Joel 212.769.9865 [email protected]
Campisi, Mia 917.497.3140 [email protected]
Campos, Roberta 212.712.6418 [email protected]
Canfield, Jeffrey 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Cantor, Elizabeth 646.932.3007 [email protected]
Caplan, Susan 646.220.1721 [email protected]
Caprice, Lea 212.712.6419 [email protected]
Carrier, Christopher 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Carter, Veronica 212.769.9891 [email protected]
Carter, Deondra 212.769.9861 [email protected]
Cassidy, Michael 646.505.2238 [email protected]
Castex-Porter, Alex 212.804.8994 [email protected]
Castro, Guilherme 212.769.9809 [email protected]
Cederquist, Michele 212.769.6514 [email protected]
Chang, Grace 212.769.6572 [email protected]
Chang, Janice 212.579.8900 [email protected]
Chang, Hui-Wen (Polly) 646.505.2241 [email protected]
Chaturvedi, Chad 212.769.6542 [email protected]
Chavers, Ella 212.769.9842 [email protected]
Chen, Hui (Lauren) 212.579.8900 [email protected]
Chung, Donald 212.769.9877 [email protected]
Citron (Remnek), Eva 212.769.9820 [email protected]
Clarence, Dennis 212.712.6061 [email protected]
Clark, Wendy 212.712.6410 [email protected]
Clemente, Elia 212.769.6555 [email protected]
Cohen, Jessica 212.769.6553 [email protected]
Cohn, Ann 516.238.3307 [email protected]
Cole, Arielle 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Collins, Geoffrey 212.390.8838 [email protected]
Connor, Christopher 212.769.9838 [email protected]
Cooper, Gregory 212.769.6516 [email protected]
Coronado, Rafael 212.712.6083 [email protected]
Crosthwaite, Kevin 646.505.2242 [email protected]
Culver, Jessica 646.505.2214 [email protected]
Cutler, Alan 917.301.6235 [email protected]
Danis, Jean (Jeanie) 212.712.6091 [email protected]
Davoudpour, David 212.712.6069 [email protected]
Davoudpour, Allen 212.712.6071 [email protected]
Dearie, Michael 914.953.3298 [email protected]
Dela Cruz, David 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Delgado, Dolores 646.505.2243 [email protected]
Dellinger, Michele 646.505.5694 [email protected]
Dickinson, Diane 917.359.7638 [email protected]
Dilendorf, Nadia 212.712.2966 [email protected]
Dillon, Cynthia 212.712.6080 [email protected]
DiSalvo, Jesse 212.362.9600 [email protected]
Dobson McKee, Mary J (M.J.) 212.769.9802 [email protected]
Donohue, Caitlin 646.505.2248 [email protected]
Dreisinger, Libby 646.505.2216 [email protected]
Durney, Kim 212.769.9878 [email protected]
Dyksterhouse, Jeffrey 646.505.2212 [email protected]
Egnozzi, Neal 646.871.4432 [email protected]
Elbling, Pia 646.505.6955 [email protected]
Emerson, Theresa 212.769.6565 [email protected]
Etheridge, William 212.891.7600 [email protected]
Everett, Gabrielle 917.771.0673 [email protected]
Everett, Jonan 917.618.5001 [email protected]
Farnham, Zaida 212.769.9867 [email protected]
Feldman, Roberta 646.505.6986 [email protected]
Ferrer, Victor 212.531.7708 [email protected]
Feuer, Jeffrey 212.769.9806 [email protected]
Field, Barbara 917.797.1079 [email protected]
Fischler, Eric 212.712.6075 [email protected]
Fisher, Olga 646.505.6959 [email protected]
Fisher, Jon 917.575.1934 [email protected]
Fishman, Susan 212.769.6547 [email protected]
Fogel, Wendy Sue 212.769.9812 wfogel@elliman.com
Foley, Julia 212.362.9600 julia.foley@elliman.com
Forrest, Elizabeth 212.362.9600 elizabeth.forrest@elliman.com
Foxx, Daniel 212.769.9836 dfoxx@elliman.com
Franklin, Barbara 212.712.6048 barbara.franklin@elliman.com
Franz, Susan 212.712.6047 sfranz@elliman.com
Fuenmayor, Roberto 212.769.9884 rfuenmayor@elliman.com
Fugaro, Kevin 212.362.9600 kevin.fugaro@elliman.com
Gansberg, Brad 646.342.7625 bgansberg@elliman.com
Gansberg, Sandra 212.769.6548 sgansberg@elliman.com
Gauthier, Katherine 212.769.9832 kgauthier@elliman.com
Geiringer, Richard 212.769.9847 rgeiringer@elliman.com
Gillen, William 212.712.6095 william.gillen@elliman.com
Gitter, Richard 212.712.6050 rgitter@elliman.com
Gladstone, Margery 646.505.5679 mgladstone@elliman.com
Glushanok, Huguette 646.642.3102 hglushanok@elliman.com
Gold, Susan 212.712.2873 susan.gold@elliman.com
Goldberg, Jane 212.769.6522 jgoldberg@elliman.com
Golden, Fred 917.620.4907 fgolden@elliman.com
Golden, Michele 646.505.6991 mgolden@elliman.com
Golden, Arthur 212.712.6078 arthur.golden@elliman.com
Gong, Chase 212.712.6049 chase.gong@elliman.com
Gonzalez, Delin 646.505.5681 dgonzalez@elliman.com
Gougeon, Benjamin 917.774.0693 benjamin.gougeon@elliman.com
Greenfield, Todd 917.488.8522 todd.greenfield@elliman.com
Greenstein, Justin 646.505.6990 jgreenstein@elliman.com
Gutermuth, Susanne 917.225.5196 susanne.gutermuth@elliman.com
Gutterman, Robin 212.769.6518 rgutterman@elliman.com
Habib, Candice 212.769.6596 chabib@elliman.com
Habib, Sylvia 212.678.0822 shabib@elliman.com
Halligan, Kimberlee 646.505.5687 khalligan@elliman.com
Harding, Julie 212.712.6076 julie.harding@elliman.com
Hauserman, Brian 917.213.7203 bhauserman@elliman.com
Hayes, Robert 212.362.9600 rhayes@elliman.com
Heino, Elka 646.505.6961 eheino@elliman.com
Hemrajani, Deepak 646.505.2223 deepak.hemrajani@elliman.com
Henao, Jonathan 212.362.9600 jonathan.henao@elliman.com
Henderson, Deborah 310.819.1994 dhenderson@elliman.com
Henson, Brian 212.712.2963 brian.henson@elliman.com
Heo, Eun (Esther) 212.769.6589 eun.heo@elliman.com
Herbert, Sandra 646.505.5670 sherbert@elliman.com
Hinman, Veronica 212.769.9830 veronica.hinman@elliman.com
Hoch, Jordan 212.769.9857 jordan.hoch@elliman.com
Hoch, Thomas 212.712.2870 thomas.hoch@elliman.com
Holliday, Ryan 212.362.9600 ryan.holliday@elliman.com
Holt, Michael 646.505.5677 michael.holt@elliman.com
Howard, Lynn 212.769.9895 lhoward@elliman.com
Hsu, Timothy 212.579.8900 thsu@elliman.com
Hughes, Timothy 212.712.6405 timothy.hughes@elliman.com
Hultmann, Adriano 646.220.3358 adriano.hultmann@elliman.com
Hunt, Jessica Saleh 917.319.4717 jessica.hunt@elliman.com
Iannello, Lorraine 212.769.6592 liannello@elliman.com
Indyk Lubick, Ruth 212.769.9897 rlubick@elliman.com
Janssen, Eric 212.769.6534 ejanssen@elliman.com
Jensen, Jillian 212.769.9894 jillian.jensen@elliman.com
Jhones, Amanda 212.769.9882 ajhones@elliman.com
Jimenez, Jorge 954.588.9888 jorge.jimenez@elliman.com
Joynt, Catherine (Kate) 646.505.2204 catherine.joynt@elliman.com
Justice, Anna 212.712.6093 anna.justice@elliman.com
Kafka, Michael 212.769.6563 mkafka@elliman.com
Kalish, Jennifer 646.505.5690 jkalish@elliman.com
Kamenetz, Danilo 516.364.2542 danilo.kamenetz@elliman.com
Kang, Tommy 646.300.2328 tkang@elliman.com
Kaplan, Kari 212.769.9854 kkaplan@elliman.com
Katzter, Mosel 917.865.2943 mosel.katzter@elliman.com
Kaufman, Samuel 212.362.9600 skaufman@elliman.com
Kavanaugh, Peter 917.748.9888 peter.kavanaugh@elliman.com
Kearney, Bryan 212.362.9600 bryan.kearney@elliman.com
Kendrick, Harry G. (Gerry) 212.769.6536 hkendrick@elliman.com
Kilian, Alyx 212.769.9888 akilian@elliman.com
Kim, Daniel 212.362.2871 daniel.kim@elliman.com
Kim, Alexis 212.712.2965 alexis.kim@elliman.com
Kim, Anne Hyun Jin 212.712.6079 anne.kim@elliman.com
Kinard, Damon 212.712.6082 damon.kinard@elliman.com
Kinslow, Justin 646.505.5678 justin.kinslow@elliman.com
Kirschner, Robert 212.712.6068 robert.kirschner@elliman.com
Kirtzman, Jesse 646.206.6965 jkirtzman@elliman.com
Knafo, Robert 646.505.5669 robert.knafo@elliman.com
Kobiolke, Lisa 917.579.2179 lisa.kobiolke@elliman.com
Kolpen, Jana 212.712.6064 jana.kolpen@elliman.com
Koo, Chloe H 917.207.9865 chloe.koo@elliman.com
Korant, Arthur 212.769.6566 arthur.korant@elliman.com
Krammer, Ioana 212.891.7782 ikrammer@elliman.com
Kulik, Ellen 516.312.9747 ellen.kulik@elliman.com
Kupietzky, Fran 212.712.6077 fkupietzky@elliman.com
Laboz, Marni 212.712.6066 marni.laboz@elliman.com
Lacey, Robert 212.362.9600 robert.lacey@elliman.com
Lam, James 212.769.6568 james.lam@elliman.com
Landau, Michelle 212.769.6544 michelle.landau@elliman.com
Landrey, Mark 212.769.9849 mlandrey@elliman.com
Larroche, Joelle 212.712.2657 joelle.larroche@elliman.com
Larroche, Amaury 212.362.9600 amaury.larroche@elliman.com
Larroche-Collomb, Margaux 646.505.5680 margaux.larroche@elliman.com
Laven, Robert 212.712.6042 robert.laven@elliman.com
Lawrence, John N/A jlawrence@elliman.com
Lee, Wendy 212.712.2874 wendy.lee@elliman.com
Lee, Ana 212.769.9827 alee@elliman.com
Lee, Wendy 212.362.9600 N/A
Lee, John B 212.712.6085 jblee@elliman.com
Leibowitz, Lorna 212.769.6523 lleibowitz@elliman.com
Lenane, Ann Cutbill 212.769.9862 alenane@elliman.com
Lense, Ronald 212.769.9834 rlense@elliman.com
Levy, Suzanne 646.505.6973 suzanne.levy@elliman.com
Lewandowski, David 212.769.6516 dlewandowski@elliman.com
Li, Yanhua (Lily) 212.769.6597 yanhua.li@elliman.com
Libman, Jill 212.769.6545 jlibman@elliman.com
Lieberman, Susan 212.769.9848 susan.lieberman@elliman.com
Liebman, Rosalie 646.505.5662 rliebman@elliman.com
Lindsey, John 212.362.9600 john.lindsey@elliman.com
Lit, Jessica 646.505.5672 jessica.lit@elliman.com
Littlefield, Kim 212.769.9898 klittlefield@elliman.com
Lombardo Lobue, Louise Angelina 212.712.2872 llobue@elliman.com
Luque, Monica 212.712.6089 monica.luque@elliman.com
Marotta, Tamara 646.505.2216 tamara.marotta@elliman.com
Martin-Shah, Kim 212.769.9872 kim.martin@elliman.com
Martini, Jody 212.729.4346 jody.martini@elliman.com
Mashburn, Heather 212.362.9600 heather.mashburn@elliman.com
Masri, Assad 646.505.6984 assad.masri@elliman.com
Masters, Justine 212.769.6590 justine.masters@elliman.com
Matilla, Michele 646.505.2211 mmatilla@elliman.com
Matisoff, Louise 212.769.9814 lmatisoff@elliman.com
Maysles, Judith (Judy) 212.769.6552 judith.maysles@elliman.com
McBurney, William 212.769.6526 wmcburney@elliman.com
McCarthy, Joanna (Siobhan) 212.769.6529 johanna.mccarthy@elliman.com
McManus, Kevin 212.769.6573 kmcmanus@elliman.com
Melohn, Andrew 212.362.9600 amelohn@elliman.com
Mera Schaefer, Angelica 646.505.6983 angelica.mera@elliman.com
Meyer, Michael 646.505.2235 mmeyer@elliman.com
Milford, Amy 212.769.9896 amy.milford@elliman.com
Mitchell, Laurence 212.769.9885 lmitchell@elliman.com
Monroig, Lisa 212.769.9843 lisa.monroig@elliman.com
Moore, Brandon 212.769.9873 brandon.moore@elliman.com
Mortimer, Richard 212.769.6562 rmortimer@elliman.com
Murray, Kathy 646.505.2247 kmurray@elliman.com
Musikantow, Sally 212.769.9813 smusikantow@elliman.com
Myrlak, Richard 201.303.9237 richard.myrlak@elliman.com
Nasirov, Efraim 212.769.9823 enasirov@elliman.com
Neumark, Adam 212.362.9600 adam.neumark@elliman.com
Nickman, Alan 212.712.6056 anickman@elliman.com
Nickolai, Irene 212.891.7600 irene.nickolai@elliman.com
Nicodemo, Omar 212.769.6528 omar.nicodemo@elliman.com
Nodell, Emily 212.579.8900 emily.nodell@elliman.com
O'Neal, Stephen 212.712.6059 soneal@elliman.com
Oaxaca, Alfonso 646.505.5664 aoaxaca@elliman.com
Olshefski, Joseph 212.712.6046 joseph.olshefski@elliman.com
Orlando, Nick 631.858.2448 nick.orlando@elliman.com
Ostrowe, Brian 917.434.9937 brian.ostrowe@elliman.com
Otero, Arlene 212.362.9600 arlene.otero@elliman.com
Paltoo, Vijay (Jay) 347.255.4155 vpaltoo@elliman.com
Pan, Huai (Harry) 212.769.6527 hpan@elliman.com
Park Adam, Yun (Jenny) 212.712.6043 ypark@elliman.com
Parker, Jceal 646.505.5655 jceal.parker@elliman.com
Parran, Edward 212.769.9856 eparran@elliman.com
Payne, Perry 212.769.9821 ppayne@elliman.com
Pearce, Susan 646.505.5651 susan.pearce@elliman.com
Pena, Edith 646.505.2240 edith.pena@elliman.com
Peraino, Joe 212.769.9860 joep@elliman.com
Perkins, Richard 212.769.6578 rperkins@elliman.com
Perlman, Abigail 212.769.6509 abigail.perlman@elliman.com
Peters, Alexander 212.712.6400 apeters@elliman.com
Petrucelli, Donna 212.712.2658 donna.petrucelli@elliman.com
Pinsky, Moshe 212.712.6072 moshe.pinsky@elliman.com
Polivy, Joseph 212.712.6096 joseph.polivy@elliman.com
Porter, Neil 212.769.6540 neil.porter@elliman.com
Postrion, William 212.769.9871 wpostrion@elliman.com
Quinones, Larry 646.505.6973 lquinones@elliman.com
Ra, Jay 646.389.0089 jay.ra@elliman.com
Rachlin, Cindy 646.505.2215 crachlin@elliman.com
Radafshar, Sarah 212.362.9600 sarah.radafshar@elliman.com
Radetsky, Inta 212.951.0956 inta.radetsky@elliman.com
Rankin, Shelley 212.362.9600 shelley.rankin@elliman.com
Rascio, Alexis 646.505.2232 alexis.rascio@elliman.com
Rasmussen, Steen 212.712.6090 steen.rasmussen@elliman.com
Rein, Aaron 845.699.1487 aaron.rein@elliman.com
Risinger, Zakery 646.505.6999 zrisinger@elliman.com
Rmaidi, Radia 212.363.9600 radia.rmaidi@elliman.com
Rmaidi, Mounia (Mina) 212.769.9816 mounia.rmaidi@elliman.com
Robin, Fay 212.769.9829 frobin@elliman.com
Rodarte, Jennifer 646.505.2218 jrodarte@elliman.com
Rosenberger, David 212.769.6564 drosenberger@elliman.com
Rosenblum, Michael 212.769.6541 mrosenblum@elliman.com
Rossi, Kathleen 646.505.5656 kathleen.rossi@elliman.com
Rothschild, Ami 212.769.9890 arothschild@elliman.com
Rothstein, Jeffrey N/A jrothstein@elliman.com
Ruocco, Linda 212.769.6570 linda.ruocco@elliman.com
Rush, Robert 646.505.5660 robert.rush@elliman.com
Salem, Alex 646.505.2227 asalem@elliman.com
Salhab, Iya 212.712.6088 iya.salhab@elliman.com
Sanderson, Andrew 212.362.9600 andrew.sanderson@elliman.com
Sands, Dawn 212.350.2265 dawn.sands@elliman.com
Saporta, Marissa 917.515.8650 msaporta@elliman.com
Sarraf, Talin Eshaghoff 516.316.6560 talin.sarraf@elliman.com
Schapiro, Sondra (Sandi) 646.505.5684 sondra.schapiro@elliman.com
Scheerle, Kathleen 212.769.6539 kscheerle@elliman.com
Scheuer, Naomi (Nikki) 212.724.9984 nscheuer@elliman.com
Schickman, Richard 212.769.6550 richard.schickman@elliman.com
Seegitz, Frank 718.490.5708 frank.seegitz@elliman.com
Sender, Lee 212.712.6406 lee.sender@elliman.com
Seyffert, Patricia 212.362.9600 patricia.seyffert@elliman.com
Shannon, Mark 212.769.6587 mshannon@elliman.com
Shapiro, Yael 212.769.6512 yshapiro@elliman.com
Shaw, Darin 212.712.6092 dshaw@elliman.com
Shevell, Peter 917.447.5930 pshevell@elliman.com
Shields, Madelene 212.362.9600 madelene.shields@elliman.com
Shindle, Katherine (Kate) 646.342.6856 katherine.shindle@elliman.com
Sidorenko, Marina 212.769.6571 marina.sidorenko@elliman.com
Siew, Khuan (Kevin) 212.362.9600 khuan.siew@elliman.com
Simon, Irene 212.769.9864 isimon@elliman.com
Simpson, Katharine (Kate) 212.712.6063 ksimpson@elliman.com
Singa, Vidya 212.712.6054 vidya.singa@elliman.com
Sinkov, Natasha 212.769.9819 nsinkov@elliman.com
Skinner, Susan 212.769.9874 sskinner@elliman.com
Slochower, Patricia (Pat) 646.505.2236 pslochower@elliman.com
Sloyer, Joshua 212.769.6511 joshua.sloyer@elliman.com
Smirnov, Vadim 646.505.6954 vadim.smirnov@elliman.com
Smith, Megan 212.362.9600 megan.smith@elliman.com
Smith, Shirley 646.505.2206 ssmith@elliman.com
Smith, Katherine 212.769.6551 katherine.smith@elliman.com
Solomon, Adam 646.505.5654 adam.solomon@elliman.com
Stambouli, Natasha 212.769.6513 nstambouli@elliman.com
Stanton, Wesley 212.362.9600 wstanton@elliman.com
Sun, Diana 917.331.5628 diana.sun@elliman.com
Sun, Nikki 718.213.1808 nikki.sun@elliman.com
Szmargowicz, Marcos 646.505.5686 marcos.szmargowicz@elliman.com
Szmulewicz, Sol 212.712.6081 sszmulewicz@elliman.com
Szmulewicz, Laureen 212.712.6404 lszmulewicz@elliman.com
Tang, Elise 212.362.9600 elise.tang@elliman.com
Tatarinov, Yury 212.769.9899 yury.tatarinov@elliman.com
Teitel, Kenneth 212.712.6086 kenneth.teitel@elliman.com
Terysen, Daniel 212.362.9600 dterysen@elliman.com
Testa, Jim 212.769.6561 jtesta@elliman.com
Thompson, Theresa 646.505.5695 theresa.thompson@elliman.com
Thorn, Thomas Clifton(Clif) 212.769.6538 cthorn@elliman.com
Travaglione, Douglas 646.505.5685 douglas.travaglione@elliman.com
Trust, Matthew 212.769.6549 matthew.trust@elliman.com
Tsugiyama, Motokazu 212.712.6084 mtsugiyama@elliman.com
Tuber, Nancy 212.769.9889 ntuber@elliman.com
Turnquist, Colton 212.712.6053 colton.turnquist@elliman.com
Tyree, Madeline (Maddy) 212.769.9828 mtyree@elliman.com
van Leeuwen, Saskia 212.769.6511 svan@elliman.com
Vandekieft, Jennifer 212.362.9600 jvandekieft@elliman.com
Vassiliou, Rhoda 212.769.9858 rvassiliou@elliman.com
Vatsa, Suman (Sumi) 212.769.9833 svatsa@elliman.com
Vezzani, Gene 212.769.6567 gvezzani@elliman.com
Vieira, Rafael 212.769.9883 rvieira@elliman.com
Weinberger, Karen 212.362.9600 karen.weinberger@elliman.com
Weiss, Lorraine 917.743.5970 lweiss@elliman.com
Whitman, Luke 212.769.9826 luke.whitman@elliman.com
Widerka, Kenneth 646.505.5676 kwiderka@elliman.com
Wiley, Todd 212.362.9600 todd.wiley@elliman.com
Williams, Neoly Lika 212.769.6598 nwilliams@elliman.com
Williamson, Gregory 212.712.6057 gwilliamson@elliman.com
Wong, Yu Ying (Tracy) 212.362.9600 yuying.wong@elliman.com
Wright, Kim Mogul 212.769.9844 kwright@elliman.com
Wu, Diana 212.769.9811 diana.wu@elliman.com
Yakobi, Arina 212.712.2655 arina.yakobi@elliman.com
Zhang, Xin (Claire) 212.712.6058 xin.zhang@elliman.com
Zhao, Xiaoping (Linda) 631.902.5838 xiaoping.zhao@elliman.com
Zimet, Joey 917.589.5446 joey.zimet@elliman.com
Zweben, Carolyn 212.769.6537 czweben@elliman.com
Zweben, Paul 212.769.9807 pzweben@elliman.com

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