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The Barkhordari Team

Iman (Bacodari) Barkhordari
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

575 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.891.7188
Mobile: 646.226.6084
Fax: 646.497.5019

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Date Publication Article Title
Jan 20, 2018 Nippon TV "Trump regime one year" The way of tax reduction policy ...
May 19, 2017 WWD EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-Winning Director Kathryn Bigelow Off-loads TriBeCa Loft in Former Film Production Studio
Feb 22, 2012 New York Post On the Dubbel
Feb 02, 2012 Bloomberg TV Demand by Foreigners for U.S. Homes, Rules
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Dec 30, 2011 DNAinfo.com Top Five Manhattan Real Estate Trends of 2011
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Dec 16, 2011 The Real Deal Will residential holiday parties ever recover?
Dec 08, 2011 New York Post Out of Sight: The High-End Market Headed Higher in 2011
Nov 20, 2011 WNBC-TV/Open House NYC The E. 24th Street listing was shown as host Sara Gore's stand-up location
Oct 11, 2011 AOL: Real Estate House of the Day: Floors Too Pretty to Walk On
Oct 06, 2011 DNAinfo.com Real Estate Brokers Brace for Upper East Side School Rezoning
Sep 29, 2011 New York Post Fall into place
Sep 29, 2011 New York Post Houses of the Week
Sep 21, 2011 The New York Time’s “Home & Garden” Market Ready
Sep 01, 2011 NY Family | September Meanwhile...Back in the city
Sep 01, 2011 The Wall Street Journal / REAL Trends “The 2011 Top 1,000” - Jacky's team is ranked among the top 50 teams in the US
Sep 01, 2011 The Cooperator Grounded for Life
Aug 24, 2011 BrickUnderground Ask an Expert: Buying a co-op when you're self-employed
Aug 01, 2011 The Real Deal To list or not to list?
Jul 14, 2011 New York Times Condos Steal a Page (or 20) From Co-ops
Jul 07, 2011 UrbanDigs.com Manhattan Round-table: State of the Market
Jul 07, 2011 New York Post Houses Of The Week - The Lux 74 property
Jul 03, 2011 New York Magazine When You Rent *and* Own
Jul 01, 2011 New York Resident Beyond Condos & Co-ops: Compelling Real Estate Options for Savvy New Yorkers (pg 185)
Jul 01, 2011 The Real Deal Azure sees signs of life
Jun 01, 2011 The Real Deal With 500 W. 23rd, Zell bets on West Chelsea
Jun 01, 2011 The Real Deal Hamptons' highest home to hit the auction block again
Jun 01, 2011 Curbed.com Save Japan By Buying the Highest House in the Hamptons
May 31, 2011 Crain's New Yorkt Highest Hamptons estate on block, again
Apr 29, 2011 New York 1 News Land Lease Buildings Can Offer Hidden Perks
Apr 29, 2011 Curbed Selling New York S3E4: Living in an Uptown World
Apr 25, 2011 The Cooperator Looking Ahead: Market Forecast 2011
Feb 19, 2011 Wall Street Journal Lofty Ambitions Can Be Realized in TriBeCa
Jan 28, 2011 Reuters TV NY luxury apartment comeback
Jan 17, 2011 LuxuryRealEstate.com Luxury Real Estate Rebounds in Manhattan
Dec 12, 2010 NBC Open House NYC Shopping for a Three Bedroom on the Upper East Side
Jan 08, 2011 Wall Street Journal Sutton Place: If Only Ritzy Is Good Enough
Dec 30, 2010 Crain’s NY Business City Residential Market Ends 2010 with Strong Finish
Dec 29, 2010 EuroNews Luxury Apartments in New York bounce back
Dec 29, 2010 People's Daily Online New York luxury house price rise
Dec 29, 2010 Brokers Weekly What lies Ahead? We Ask the Experts…
Dec 29, 2010 CCTV New York luxury house price rise
Dec 07, 2010 BrickUnderground Ask an Expert: How Many Sales is Too Many?
Dec 03, 2010 The Wall Street Journal House of the Day
Dec 02, 2010 New York Post Houses of the Week
Nov 22, 2010 WNBC Open House NYC
Nov 19, 2010 NY1 News ‘Tis The Season to Sell?
Nov 16, 2010 BrickUnderground Signing in Without a Broker at an Open House
Oct 25, 2010 Real Estate BizNow MULTIFAMILY MONDAY: Betting on New York
Oct 22, 2010 NY 1 News Don't Hurt Your Marketability By Overdecorating Your Home
Oct 14, 2010 The Wall Street Journal New Luxury Tower Tries to Lift Neighborhood
Sep 29, 2010 NY 1 Noticias Jacky Teplitzky
Sep 23, 2010 NY 1 What Can You Buy In NYC For $400K?
Sep 02, 2010 NY Observer The Neighborhood Expert
Sep 01, 2010 LX-TV Rent Katharine Hepburn's Townhouse For $27,500 A Month
Aug 31, 2010 Brickunderground The Ultimate NYCOpen House Guide for Sellers (Part 2) You are not welcome here
Aug 09, 2010 Newsday Setsuo Ito selling Water Mill home in auction
Aug 05, 2010 NY Post Houses of the Week
Aug 04, 2010 Hamptons Curbed Artist Setsuo Ito to Auction off $10.995M Estate
Jul 24, 2010 Wall Street Journal Turtle Bay Draws Even More Than Diplomats
Jul 22, 2010 NY Post Hamptons heats up
Jun 09, 2010 Bloomberg Radio Jacky Teplitzky of Prudential Douglas Elliman Featured on Bloomberg Radio
Jun 08, 2010 Realtor Magazine 8 Ways to Compete in Real Estate
Jun 08, 2010 NY 1 News Learn The Lingo: A Glossary Of Co-Op Terms, Part 2
Dec 22, 2009 Crain's Residential market ending the year on hopeful note
Dec 14, 2009 New York Post Dream Home
Oct 26, 2009 The Real Deal Four questions for Jacky Teplitzky
Oct 08, 2009 Good Day NY On the Market - Lux 74
Oct 08, 2009 Curbed.com Top 10 UES Crash Pads for Madonna's Boy Toy
Oct 02, 2009 NY1 Living Third Quarter Figures Show Stabilizing Real Estate Market
Oct 01, 2009 VVH-TV, The Real Hamptons Jacky Teplitzky of Prudential Douglas Elliman on VVH-TV
Sep 05, 2009 NY 1 What NYC Real Estate Can 900K Buy?
Sep 05, 2009 NY1 What NYC Real Estate Can $900K Buy?
Sep 02, 2009 BrickUnderground Why banning renters from the roof deck is a dumb idea
Aug 24, 2009 New York Observer Jacky Teplitzky, Nobody's No. 2
Aug 15, 2009 Open House NY Price Fix
Aug 14, 2009 New York Times A Little Something Extra
Aug 11, 2009 New York Observer Really at a Loss
Aug 04, 2009 New York Family 401 East 84th Street
Jul 17, 2009 NY1 Tips on How to Soar above the Co op Board
Jun 23, 2009 CNN Video Juventud al rescate
Jun 21, 2009 NY1 List Price Key in Real Estate Slowdown
Jun 02, 2009 New York Observer The Most Powerful Person in New York Real Estate: You! (Sort Of)
May 29, 2009 New York Times Mint Condition, Low Miles
May 29, 2009 The Jewish Daily Forward Milton Glaser’s Film Debut
May 14, 2009 bankrate.com 8 freebies home builders are giving away
May 13, 2009 The New Zealand Herald Apartments going cheap on Wall St
May 11, 2009 NY1 Living Tips for a Successful Open House
Apr 30, 2009 The Cooperator A Look Back at a Wild Year
Apr 30, 2009 The Real Deal WHEN THE BLUE CHIPS ARE DOWN
Apr 27, 2009 NY1 Understanding the Co Op Process
Apr 27, 2009 NY1 Understanding The Condo-Op Process
Apr 17, 2009 New York Observer Building Stories: Welcome Om! Miraval Condo Gives Recession the Spa Treatment
Apr 15, 2009 The Real Deal The Madoff effect: Brokers get creative to unload property after the scam
Apr 14, 2009 Mainstreet.com In Favor of Home Ownership: 5 Reasons to Buy
Apr 13, 2009 NBC New York Around Town - Buyer's Market 101
Apr 09, 2009 NY 1 The Price Must Be Right For Home Sales
Apr 01, 2009 The Real Deal Flipping buyers the bird
Sep 30, 2008 Open House NYC 43 W 64th and 250 E 53rd
Mar 23, 2009 NY 1 Schools Playing a Larger Role in City Real Estate
Mar 17, 2009 Open House NYC Price Fix: The Well - Renovated Apartment
Feb 24, 2009 New York Times Bloomberg Buys Out Neighbors on East 79th St
Feb 20, 2009 The Real Deal Eyeing Madoff's homes
Feb 20, 2009 The Real Deal New construction causes new headaches
Feb 19, 2009 The Real Deal The Real Deal Webcast: What the biggest names were buzzing about at the REBNY banquet
Jan 12, 2009 NY1 Buyer's Market Has Its Ups, Limited Downs For City Dwellers
Jan 09, 2009 The Real Deal Prices Plummet Dramatically
Jan 09, 2009 the Wall Street Journal Blogs How Far Could Manhattan Real Estate Fall?
Jan 05, 2009 Inman News.com Market calls for creativity, quick thinking
Jan 04, 2009 LXTV- Open House NYC THE HUNT: 401 East 89th Street and 455 East 86th Street, New York, NY
Jan 01, 2009 The Real Deal Brokers feel the squeeze
Jan 01, 2009 The Real Deal On the front line of Wall Street's woes
Dec 31, 2008 Investors Business Daily Who Is Going To Buy All Those Homes?
Dec 31, 2008 Wall Street Journal Online HOUSE OF THE DAY: Million-Dollar Price Cuts in Manhattan
Dec 04, 2008 New York Times The Maybe Option
Dec 04, 2008 Curbed.com Market Watch: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Dec 04, 2008 Who's Who in America Interview with Jacky Teplitzky
Dec 04, 2008 Who's Who in America The View from the Top:Real estate agents talk about the NY market
Dec 04, 2008 New York Post RIDING THE STORM
Dec 01, 2008 Gotham Top Shelf
Nov 17, 2008 AM New York Doing the math on mortgages
Nov 17, 2008 Business Exchange Residential market halts in its tracks - The Real Deal New York Real Estate News
Nov 14, 2008 rentinmanhattan.com Residential market halts in its tracks
Nov 06, 2008 The Real Deal Residential market halts in its tracks
Nov 06, 2008 Investors.com White House Bid Won, Task Is Now Fixing Up Nation's Housing
Nov 06, 2008 NY Family Also On the Market
Oct 29, 2008 AM New York City Living: Turtle Bay
Oct 28, 2008 NY Family Living in the Real Estate Moment
Oct 20, 2008 New York Post NYP Home – Real Estate Guide
Oct 15, 2008 Brokers Weekly And the Emmy Goes To...
Oct 09, 2008 New York Post Just Sold - 250 E. 53rd St.
Oct 05, 2008 New York Magazine Deal or No Deal?
Oct 01, 2008 Brokers Weekly 250 E 53rd St
Oct 01, 2008 The Real Deal Circling around the corpse
Oct 01, 2008 The Real Deal Wall Street fear factor chills market
Sep 26, 2008 NY Family Dream Homes
Sep 19, 2008 New York Times For Buyers, Many Roadblocks
Sep 17, 2008 WSJ.com Wall Street Fallout Means Change in Tactics for Brokers
Sep 10, 2008 Brokers Weekly Upper West Side
Sep 01, 2008 The Real Deal Playing the game of inches in measuring square footage
Aug 29, 2008 New York Times Thrifty Ways to Upgrade a Building
Aug 26, 2008 RIS Media Building an Agent Team from the Ground up - Learn the Secrets to Success at RISMedia’s Leadership Conference
Aug 14, 2008 The New York Sun Summer Doldrums? Sales Of Condos Down Sharply
Jul 27, 2008 NBC Open House NYC
Jul 13, 2008 Open House NYC Square Feet
Jun 30, 2008 New York Sun Inventory Spike Signals 'Cash-Out' Mentality
Jun 19, 2008 Inman.com Gen Y buyers are knocking
Jun 19, 2008 USA Today Real estate agents court Gen Y
Jun 15, 2008 New York Magazine Triple Assessment
Jun 15, 2008 The Real Deal Inside the home of Jacky Teplitzky
Jun 12, 2008 Daily News The single girl's guide to home-buying
Jun 01, 2008 The Real Deal Brokers lament high inventory
May 21, 2008 Diario New York Una chilena triunfa en el mundo de bienes raíces en Nueva York
May 18, 2008 New York Magazine 39 EAST 20TH STREET, APARTMENT 5
May 15, 2008 New York Post Upper West Side
May 05, 2008 PR Newswire Al Roker and Marcia Gay Harden Honored as Father and Mother of the Year
May 01, 2008 The Real Deal Stuck under a cloud
Apr 30, 2008 The Cooperator A Look Back at an Active Year
Apr 24, 2008 AOL Money & Finance/USA Today Weak Dollar Aids Home Sales to Foreigners
Apr 23, 2008 ABC News/USA Today Foreign buyers snap up U.S. real estate
Feb 29, 2008 The Street.com Home Ownership and the Single Woman
Feb 20, 2008 Open House NYC Featured Show
Feb 15, 2008 NY Daily News Collective effort proves successful for Team Teplitzky
Jan 15, 2008 Ris Media The Difference between New York and Miami
Jan 13, 2008 New York Times What a Difference a Market Makes
Jan 06, 2008 New York Times How to Approach an Estate Sale
Dec 21, 2007 Wall Street Journal Should Home Sellers Decorate for the Season?
Dec 16, 2007 Open House NYC - WNBC-TV Open House NYC - WNBC-TV
Dec 06, 2007 The Real Deal REBNY offers new course, title
Dec 03, 2007 New York Magazine ‘‘When Are You Going to Fix That?’’
Nov 21, 2007 Wall Street Journal The Perennial Question — Will Bonuses Boost Manhattan Real Estate?
Nov 08, 2007 International Herald Tribune Manhattan's global appeal
Nov 04, 2007 New York Times Foreign Buyers Take Manhattan
Oct 26, 2007 WSJ Real Estate Journal Home Sellers: Don't 'Scare Away' Buyers This Halloween
Oct 05, 2007 Open House NYC 350 East 82nd St
Oct 01, 2007 Open House NYC What Brokers Tell Their Clients
Aug 01, 2007 The Real Deal Renderings, for apartments that already exist
Aug 01, 2007 Fashion Mannuscript Pajama Program Fundraiser Doubles Previous Years' Proceeds
Jun 14, 2007 New York Sun So Long, Slow Summer Season
Jun 04, 2007 The Cooperator Back to the Future: 2006-07 Market Review & Forecast
Jun 01, 2007 El Tiempo Latino En la elección, la estética es lo de menos
May 21, 2007 New York Sun As New York Landscape Evolves, Columbus Circle Emerges as City's Gold Coast
Apr 26, 2007 New York Sun Open House
Apr 26, 2007 New York Sun This ain’t no bubble — Manhattan luxury is back with a vengeance
Mar 04, 2007 statesman.com Photos on the Web are key in selling a home
Mar 01, 2007 The Real Deal New York City stays afloat while rest of U.S. sinks
Mar 01, 2007 The Real Deal Branding, not brandishing themselves
Feb 15, 2007 New York Post Dream Homes
Feb 12, 2007 Altos Research Real Estate Insights New York Times: Buyers Just Want the Numbers
Feb 08, 2007 The New York Times Making Every Pixel Count
Jan 31, 2007 REAL ESTATE WEEKLY Faith Hope Consolo
Jan 30, 2007 Forbes.com Ten Best Ways To Blow Your Bonus
Jan 25, 2007 OUR TOWN Working Hard, Giving Back
Dec 15, 2006 Wall Street Journal They'll Take Manhattan -- Still
Dec 13, 2006 Daily News Tidings of joy for city retailers
Dec 13, 2006 TheStreet.com 60 Second Savings: The Real Estate Myth
Dec 10, 2006 New York Times Preparing for Bonus Season
Dec 04, 2006 New York Observer Haven No Longer: Say Goodbye Fast to the Far East Side
Dec 04, 2006 New York Magazine Bonus Season’s Greetings
Dec 01, 2006 Mann Report The Pajama Program Honors Jacky Teplitzky
Oct 30, 2006 smallbusinesspodcast.com Jacky Teplitzky speaks on smallbusinesspodcast.com
Sep 28, 2006 New York Post SIX IN THE CITY
Sep 11, 2006 Daily News In step with the market
Sep 01, 2006 The Mann Report Jacky Teplitzky in the Mann Report
Jul 02, 2006 New York Times Rethinking the Balcony
May 21, 2006 Daily News Go easy on renovations
May 07, 2006 New York Times Top Brokers Hire Coaches to Climb Higher
Feb 02, 2006 The Real Deal Brokers get creative to lure bonus money
Oct 16, 2005 The New York Times Still on the Market
Oct 15, 2005 New York Post THE CORRECTION
Oct 09, 2005 New York Times A Mixed Message
Oct 04, 2005 Reuters Manhattan Apartment Price off in 3rd Quarter Versus 2nd Quarter
Oct 04, 2005 BBC Manhattan Flat Prices Post Slide
Oct 01, 2005 New York Post Exchange Now Pay Later
Sep 13, 2005 NY1 Fortune Business Report Real Estate
Sep 10, 2005 NY1 News Post 9/11, Lower Manhattan Is Now More Residential
Sep 05, 2005 San Diego Union Tribune Third Home is A Charm
Aug 18, 2005 New York Post Ship Shape A New Reno Service That Fixes up Your Pad
Aug 11, 2005 New York Post Just Sold! 60 East 8th Street
Aug 04, 2005 Reuters News Retirees Take Housing Gains to Less Costly States
Aug 03, 2005 NY1 Jacky Teplitzky on NY1
Jul 14, 2005 Real Estate Weekly Broker sharing secrets of effective marketing
Jun 12, 2005 The New York Times Signs of a Spring Slowdown
Jun 02, 2005 New York Observer An Iron Bubble: Housing Market Isn’t Deflating
May 20, 2005 Our Town Will the Manhattan Real Estate Bubble Burst?
May 07, 2005 The Real Deal Related Takes Two for the Price of One In Carnegie Hill
May 06, 2005 Newsday Players in Manhattan's 'heated market' can gain an edge in open-house season
May 05, 2005 The Real Deal Supporting Your Cause
May 03, 2005 New York Post Boomtown-Or Bust?
Apr 22, 2005 New York One Pajama Program Volunteers Show Needy Children They Are Loved
Apr 19, 2005 New York Observer Ciao, Paolo! Donald’s Matchmaker Goes From Pin-Ups to Penthouses
Apr 07, 2005 The New York Sun Buying Property Over the Internet
Apr 04, 2005 The New York Times In Any Language, Manhattan's Hot
Apr 04, 2005 New York Post Staying In to Work Out
Mar 09, 2005 The Wall Street Journal Real Estate's Foreign Affair --- Declining Dollar Enables Europeans to Buy U.S. Homes, Pushing Up Prices for Locals
Mar 06, 2005 The New York Times The Undesirable Rich
Feb 28, 2005 The New York Times Good Neighbors Make Good Profits
Feb 19, 2005 New York Post ONE GLASSY CHASSIS
Feb 11, 2005 Wall Street Journal With Market Hot, More People Now Have Third Homes
Feb 09, 2005 Forbes.com The Best Times To Sell Your Home
Dec 15, 2004 The Real Deal Boards Balking at Brokers
Dec 08, 2004 Real Estate Weekly Teplitzky gets into Pajama's
Nov 07, 2004 The New York Times Staking a Claim in Manhattan
Sep 25, 2004 The New York Post No Man's Land
Sep 09, 2004 The New York Sun Top School Draw
Sep 08, 2004 Real Estate Weekly How to suceed in business without having contacts
Sep 02, 2004 The New York Sun Turtle Bay Dream
Aug 21, 2004 The Independent (U.K.) Manhattan sky high: average apartment hits $1m
Aug 17, 2004 The International Herlad Tribune Average N.Y. apartment: $1 million
Aug 15, 2004 The Boston Globe Million Dollar Madness
Aug 14, 2004 The New York Post Just Sold!
Aug 02, 2004 The New York Observer Le Beau Gent Gramercy
Jul 23, 2004 New York magazine Big Deals
Jul 20, 2004 The Real Deal Apartment Market Stays Steady
Jul 17, 2004 The New York Post Just Sold!
Jul 13, 2004 RIS Media NYC Real Estate Broker Will Teach Effective Marketing at NYU
Jun 04, 2004 The New York Sun Though pricey, apartments selling fast in Manhattan
May 14, 2004 Avenue A Broker Who's All Business
Mar 27, 2004 The New York Post Five Tips for a Co-op Board Interview
Mar 12, 2004 The Real Deal Buyers Declare Open Season on Open Houses
Feb 28, 2004 The New York Post 5 Tips For Your Co-op Application
Feb 20, 2004 Realtor Magazine N.Y.: Brokers Try to Keep Up Supply of Condos
Feb 11, 2004 Real Estate Weekly Jacky Teplitzky Featured Speaker...
Jan 27, 2004 The Cooperator Chief Trailblazers: Women Professionals in Real Estate
Jan 23, 2004 Newsday A Tale of Two Markets
Jan 16, 2004 Real Deal Low Inventory in Market Continues
Dec 19, 2003 The Financial Times Where to look in Manhattan: There is a place where the weak dollar benefits foreign buyers
Dec 01, 2003 RISMedia Jacky Teplitzky Will Speak on Real Estate at New York CPA Meeting