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Yael Shapiro

Yael Shapiro
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

1995 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
Office: 212.769.6512
Mobile: 917.270.3825
Fax: 646.497.3947

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Over a decade ago we were introduced to Yael Shapiro when we were searching to buy an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Yael, with patience and graciousness, led us through the entire process. We saw over seventy apartments and throughout those many months she kept us constantly encouraged and informed.

We kept up contact through these last fifteen years so when an apartment came up for sale in our building, I, now as Secretary of the Board of Trustees, recommended we interview Yael for the sales position since we, the co-op, owned the apartment.

The interview was a knock-out. She had already researched the neighborhood and knew about all the local businesses and facilities in the area. This was information she was ultimately able to share with prospective buyers. She insisted (and was so right) on spending a small amount on staging the apartment so that it would looked lived in and in scale to prospects who came by to look.

We sold the apartment for a fair price and were extremely happy with her expertise. Yael is a tireless worker yet always upbeat and pleasant. If you need a truly professional agent, we recommend Yael Shapiro without reservation.

Joyce and Martin Mann (co-op board member)

Within a period of five years we have had the pleasure to work with Yael on three different real estate transactions, purchasing two apartments and selling another. Upon meeting Yael for the first time we immediately connected with her. We found her to be extremely patient, a careful listener who was sensitive to our specific needs (we had a 1031 exchange), authentic and quite knowledgeable about the intricacies of the New York real estate market. We mentioned to her how we liked a particular building and would very much like to own an apartment there if one ever became available. Yael took note, remembered our interest and as soon as an apartment became available she immediately contacted us and urged us to visit. It turned out that this was our dream apartment! Needing to sell our previous apartment immediately, Yael responded with a well thought-out and efficient plan to price and market our property, which resulted in a quick and profitable sale during a challenging period in the real estate market. We are very grateful for her focus, care and efforts. We highly recommend Yael to anyone looking to sell or buy an apartment in Manhattan.

Karen and Mark

"I wanted to say "Thank You" for the great job that you did in selling my apartment at the Park Royal. Nancy P."

"Yael worked with me for about six months, helping me to locate exactly the right apartment. She has endless patience, and a solid knowledge of the market.I never felt pressured, and she was willing to indulge me in my frequent neurotic moments, especially when the time came to make a final decision on the property that I ultimately purchased. She managed the sale of my former apartment with efficiency and smarts. Setting the right price resulted in a bidding war, and I had multiple offers after only one showing. I would not hesitate to work with her again, and recommend her very highly. “

Judy G.Upper West Side


Thank you so much for everything! I am thrilled with my new home and it's so largely thanks to you.

Karen L.

Dear Yael,

Just a short note to tell you what a pleasure it has been doing business with you.
You were so helpful & knowledgeable in any & all aspects of the marketing & sale of our apartment at 175 Riverside Drive.
We are most grateful to you & wish you all the very best.
Marilyn Chris & Lee Wallace

Dear Yael,

I'm sending you this letter to thank you for all your efforts and experience in getting my apartment sold! From my first meeting with you, I found that you were very knowledgable and very responsive to all my phone calls. When you came to my house before taking pictures and bought many perfect decorations for my otherwise plain apartment, I was wowed. The apartment showed beautifully! You're open houses were very productive and the sale went so smoothly.

I will be calling soon - to purchase a new apartment!

Thanks again,Anita

Last September, my husband and I visited New York. We stayed at the Beacon Hotel and one morning, while taking a walk through the neighborhood, we stopped into the Elliman real estate office to have a look at rental prices. We were approached by Yael who greeted us warmly and soon we were talking about prices – buying prices! At that point in time, we had only remotely considered the very unlikely possibility of buying an apartment in New York. Indeed, the prospect of simply renting was still very tentative. However, before we knew it, Yael had us thinking very seriously about the prospect of purchasing a pied-à-terre in New York. And, suddenly a dream that had seemed so distant began to solidify as a very real and present possibility.

Yael made us feel so comfortable and gave us all the attention and support we needed as foreigners. She encouraged and convinced us to visit several apartments on the market. We had no idea that buying an apartment in New York would be such a complicated process. But, Yael was unwavering in her complete, calm support throughout – without which, we certainly would never have made it to “the bottom line.”

As foreigners, we encounter cultural and language barriers habitually. Living in another country compounded the difficulty of the purchasing procedures which, by nature, continue for weeks. When we came back to Brazil, Yael made the extra effort to meet with us on skype to go over the relevant material, discuss any new developments and possibilities, and give us general directional advice and shared wisdom about the New York real estate market.

Without this dedication, we certainly would not have felt comfortable enough to close on such an important decision from such a great geographical distance.

In sum, we would just like to state that we are extremely happy with our purchase. We would like to share with everyone interested in purchase an apartment in NYC our impressions about Yael, a very competent and trustworthy associate broker whose presonal and professional skills, knowledge about NY real state market, attention and support were absolutely crucial and indispensable for us.

Naly Dillon & Mario Esteves Filho

Yael Shapiro is of the highest caliber professionals I have met in the real estate business. On every occassion Yael was prompt, accurate and timely to completed all task with aplomb.Working with her was refreshing and we felt very comfortable with her welcoming manner. I would recommend Yael Shipro as a highly effective and efficient ambassador of the real estate profession.Sincerely,
James McGarry , former client

"Yael Shapiro is the greatest real estate agent in the world!Ok, I’m writing from a somewhat limited perspective. But I dealt with SIX agents in my years-long quest to buy my “dream apartment,” and 5 of them failed completely. Yael came through. So for me, she’s a world-champion.
The obstacles Yael overcame were many. For example:• I had a huge list of requirements (gorgeous apt, doorman building, great views, perfect layout for home office, right near Central Park, etc etc). I didn’t like any apartment I saw – at least none I could afford.
• I have a home office – with employees. Most buildings don’t permit this. So Yael did a building-by-building search to find the FEW building that do• NO INVENTORY. Ok, you know all about this!!!
• The 2 apts I bid on over the last 2 years got snatched up by wealthy all-cashbuyers, leaving me bitterly disappointed.
After a while I simply gave up. I sadly resigned myself to a view of a brick wall in my rental forever. But Yael never gave up. She kept looking, kept up her positive attitude and friendly emails even when I stopped replying.
Then, during the bidding, Yael was great at setting my expectations in advance. She went over the options with me, helped me set up my team, and prepared me to bid against many others and ultimately become the successful buyer.
It was due to Yael's understanding of market conditions, and her expertise in devising our strategy in presenting my offer to purchase the apartment, that ultimately made me a homeowner.

The happy ending: My wife and I moved into the apt literally 5 hours after the closing – AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!!

All thanks to Yael, who I’m sure will be getting MANY calls from friends and relatives any time any of them is in the market to buy.Max "

Dear Yael,I am writing this letter in sincere gratitude for the exceptional attention to detail you exhibited in aiding Mary and myself attaining our wonderful apartment in the Upper West Side. You listened to our needs and requirements and brought us to ourexquisite and exciting abode. Because of your insight and knowledge of the area we took one day to decide that the second apartment was the one for us. There was no false hopes or disappointments. You targeted us to our dream destination and we will be forever thankful. Please come and have a toast with us in congratulations to you for helping us achieve our destination goal.

Jim & Mary McGarry

"Yael Shapiro blended determination and judgment, and her pleasant style as well as her extreme ease of communication and constant availability were great assets throughout.

Such a coincidence of professional competence and focus on working "beyond the call of duty" will remain the example of a standard one would wish to encounter more often. I shall certainly recommend her collaboration further."

Dear Yael,

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling my condominium. In the market today it has been a miracle. I thank David Cohen my attorney for referring me to you. You took me and my condo from a point of not showing well to being a space that went into contract in 5 weeks. That you accomplished by instructing me to repaint, re-carpet, de-clutter and by staging my apartment and making a closing happen within 45 days of the signed contract. I thank you again!

Your wonderful personality endeared you to all of the staff at 400 Central Park West. That is so important, especially in today’s market. These relationships allowed you to move the buyer through the building process quite quickly. I am so glad to have met you. Good Luck in you future endeavors.


Audrey Reagin

Although I have known Yael for many years, I have come to recently reach a new level of admiration, respect, and appreciation for her professionally. Yael worked with me in searching for and securing a new tenant for my rental apartment. This was not an easy task. It is an unusual apartment in that it is particularly large; the top three floors of a brownstone on the UWS. An elegant old European feel, gorgeous for some, not perfect enough for others.

Yael worked really hard, despite the challenges, despite the obstacles, Yael always kept a strong positive attitude, she demonstrated her integrity and commitment over and over again. I felt that, at all times, I was in good hands with her. She kept a calm and level head when negotiations got tricky. She helped me to navigate through tough landscapes of a tight RE market.

Yael Shapiro is amazing

I would recommend Yael in a heartbeat. And I certainly will call upon her again for future RE needs.

Jan. 23, 2005

Dear Yael;

Thank you for the motivation, support, and reliability you have been providing me, with the purchase of my new apartment at 157 Ludlow St.

I am convinced that without your help, I would not be the proud and joyous owner of a home that by far exceeded my expectations. Looking for an apartment in YYC could be a painful experience at times. Yet, I always came out smiling, due to your genuine feedback and encouraging belief that "we will find the place" - and we did! Talking about ho I attained the mini-loft today or tomorrow, without acknowledging your doing will be distorting the truth and dismissing an enjoyable part of the process.

Should there be a way in which I can reciprocate your kindness and happiness you have contributed to my life, please do not hesitate to.

Thanks again for your professionalism.


To Whom It May Concern:

February 23, / 05

I am extremely pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Yael Shapiro.

Upon deciding to sell an apartment at 175 Riverside Drive, New York, I proceeded to interview brokers from the various real estate companies. I was immediately impressed with Yael's positive attitude and willingness to do whatever was reasonably necessary to accomplish the sale at an appropriate price.

The apartment needed substantial modification for presentation to prospective buyers and Yael proceeded with this task as though it was her own residence. She consulted with me extensively regarding disposition of various items and arranged to donate certain items I did not wish to retain.

During the showing period she kept me fully informed, and when offers were made we were able to have a good discussion as she obtained sufficient financial information which allowed me to weigh the offers intelligently and relay counter offers back.

Yael exhibits all of the fine qualities that an excellent real estate salesperson.

should have and I am sure: she will perform in the same manner with any other listing.

David Cohen, Esq.

We would like to recommend at this time Yael Shapiro, should you regular the services of a real estate specialist. We recently sold our apartment at 175 Riverside Drive utilizing as our broker, and we are thoroughly convinced that her expertise and guidance not only added to the value of the property, but allowed us to sell in record time with multiple offers.

Yael initially supplied us with a number of "comps", information that allowed us to compare recently sold as well as other apartments currently on the market, so that we learned how to price our home correctly. Yael then provided us with a stager (at broker's expense) who was able to help us show all the space at its optimum making suggestions with regard to design, color and spacial use. Additionally, she installed a broker feedback program that allowed us to study responses from 35 brokers who had attended two separate broker open houses.

We as New York City homeowners have been fortunate in the last two years as our properties have managed to remain stable and continue to have high value in an "up market". The demand for high-end residential real estate has not wavered. That being said, apartments do not sell themselves and in a competitive market we must do all we can to have the edge.

Yael managed to assuage any and all anxieties associated with selling one's home, always graciously, with a sense of fun and successfully managed the schedule without restricting or imposing on our hectic personal lives. In selecting your real estate specialist, you can do no better than Yael Shapiro.


175 Riverside Drive

Yael Shapiro is, without doubt, one of the best real estate agents in New York City. For ten long months she has worked with us daily and stuck by us like glue. " She is an agent who for you, her client, works tireless hours on your behalf, patiently answers an endless stream of questions, stays in constant touch with you, holds your hand when all seems lost, cheers along with you when things go right, and does this with unflagging enthusiasm and an ever present smile. Add to this mix integrity, honesty and someone who genuinely cares about you, and that's Yael. She is truly a diamond in a very rough business, and we feel so lucky to have had her as our real estate agent these many months - She's the best!

Thank you,

Joyce and Martin

Both Arthur and I take this opportunity to express our very deep thanks for a job very well done in the sale of aunt's apartment at 77 7th Avenue New York.

From the moment. We all met to discuss the sale; you handled the transaction in a very professional and business like manner. You always informed us by e--mail with up to the minute information pertaining to what was happening.

Your guiding us through the "morass" of real estate dealings was very helpful and made the transaction virtually painless. The culmination of the deal at closing went smoothly.

My lawyer handling my aunt's estate. Emily Klotz probably can use your expert handling of real estate transactions in the Manhattan area.

Once again, thanks.

Bob Gelfman

July 14, 2004

Dear Yael:

We can't thank you enough for helping us purchase our first home. From the beginning you treated us like a member of your family. Your professionalism and warm personable approach made the challenge of New York City real estate seem like a normal everyday occurrence.

From the beginning you listened to our needs, and brought us to properties that met those requirements, without wasting any time with listings that were not desirable to us or out of our price range. When we did finally find our new home, your prompt response to all our questions and concerns were truly outstanding. Between the contract signing and closing, when real estate lawyers typically take over, you still stayed fully involved, using your professional and personal experiences to guide' us along the way. For example, preparation of the Co-op board package was a breeze, relative to the stories we had heard from our friends. It felt as if you were purchasing this property with us.

Although we plan to stay here for a while, we look forward to working with you again. We will certainly refer our friends and family to you, as well.

Warm Regards,

Stu & Hannah

"Dave and I are completely thrilled with our new apartment and we will be singing your praises all over Manhattan!"

Lilly & David 2010

Hi, Yael,

What a feat! Two apartments, elevator project, window project nightmares…and now down to the wire. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for us! You are amazing!

You’re the best! Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate how you made the entire process easy for me, especially since there were so many arrangements to be made, so much work to be accomplished, and all made difficult by the BIG complications with the window change-out and the elevator shut-down. I know it didn’t help that I was an absentee owner either, but you were able to get things done! We will miss you and 175RSD - it was a wonderful time 3+ decades there. I really hope that the new owners of both apartments enjoy them as much as we did!

Thanks again!!!

Martha H. former shareholder of 14G & 15G at 175 RSD