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Aimee Fink

Aimee Fink
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

575 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.705.1064
Mobile: 646.841.3224

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My wife and I first met Aimee Fink when we were looking for an apartment to purchase. We were so impressed with her knowledge of the market, her responsiveness and her energy level, that we gave her the listing for an apartment we had to sell. She even bought a lamp for one of the rooms she felt was too dark. She got us a terrific price for our apartment and made the entire transaction a pleasure. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell an apartment.

Lawrence A. Smiley

Finding someone to sell your apartment is easy. Finding someone you can trust, whois ethical, who tells you the truth, is caring and compassionate and puts your interestfirst is extremely hard.

However, when Aimee Fink is the person you are working with then it becomes easyagain. Aimee wasn’t the first person we met but she was the last.

It was obvious she checked off all the things we wanted and more importantly needed.Immediately, what comes through is the way she treats you – with respect and as afriend and not just as a way for her to make a commission.

Sounds logical? But this is often not the way other brokers treat you. When we metother brokers you could almost sense they looked at you like you were a dollar sign.

Add in they are often looking to turn you over to a junior member of “their team.” Youmay not see them again or only at the closing when it is time to get paid.

Once we decided to work with Aimee we knew right away we she was on our side.

Aimee helped us with pricing, had great photos for marketing and worked to make sureeverything was presented in a way to make sure we had a great presentation.

Aimee was always available throughout the process. She always kept us in the loopwith feedback after showings. Having Aimee working for you is to have someone whoalways puts your interests.

After successfully finding a buyer and signing the contract, Aimee came through onceagain by going over and above what she had to do to get the sale completed.

Our buyer’s broker was missing in action during the entire process. He only showed upat the closing. Aimee didn’t let that stop the deal from going through. She stepped inand assisted the buyers in getting the coop package together and helped them withwhatever they needed in the absence of their broker.

That is Aimee – she will do what has to be done to get the deal done. And throughoutthe process she is always friendly, available and easy to talk to about anything.It is with great pleasure for us to recommend Aimee without any reservations. Whenyou work with Aimee you know she will put your interests first. Aimee will work hardfrom the first day until the deal is closed.Besides all that, Aimee is a nice, warm and generous person. We think having Aimeeon your side is the right thing to do.

I am delighted at this opportunity to express my personal opinion of Aimee Fink, broker at Douglas Elliman. I took my co-op apartment off the market after six months as the broker was inexperienced. She came from another real estate company. Aimee took over successfully and sold my apartment in twenty eight days. I had my gas stove disconnected for several years at my request as I like to cook with electric. I was told this would take four to six month’s as this was a timely job because of the disconnection of gas. Aimee took over immediately and had it done in one and a half months. She worked with the plumbing and heating co and con Edison and therefore knew the right people. Aimee also found me a rental which I am living in and love. She did this in two weeks. When moving time to the new place I became ill and she took over like a trooper. Because of people like Mrs. Fink Douglas Elliman will remain to be a successful real estate company.


My name is Dorothy Winkler and I had the great fortune and pleasure to have Aimee Fink as my Realtor in selling my NYC apartment on the upper east side I interviewed 5 different realtors and I knew instantly Aimee was the right one for me I can easily recommend her to anyone with no reservations. We came across a few hiccups , not due to anything lacking in Aimee, and she could not have been more professional in handling both the problem And me. The reassurance she gave me was a total gift of calmness and we are now friends for life The above mentioned hiccup was a legal issue that was handled by Jamie Heiberger Law and staff which was recommended by Aimee. The speed and professional manner in which this was taken care of, gave me what I have today. A new home in Los Ángeles and my new life.

I could not be happier and could not have done it without Aimee and Jamie

I thank Aimee, Jamie and allThe staff with my whole heart

Best Dorothy Winkler

Prior to meeting Aimee, I had been searching for an apartment without the help of a broker for 6 months and had not even been close to submitting an offer for the places I've seen. A year later and I am a proud and happy owner of my first home in the city I grew up in! While it took quite a while for me to find my new home, meeting Aimee and having her help me along the way was one of the best things I could've asked for when navigating the aggressive New York City housing market. During my search for an apartment, Aimee made the process as seamless and pain less for me as possible. She would send me a few listings a week (sometimes even several a day!) and scheduled showings that would fit into my schedule. Once I was ready to put an offer in, she was extremely helpful throughout the negotiation process and made sure I was comfortable with the decisions I was making before proceeding. It is so rare to find someone who cares so much about their client's happiness and needs. I am so happy with my new home and so grateful that I was able to have Aimee help me out with the entire process. I could not have done it without her! She is the best and will do what's in your best interest.


My wife and I were ready for a change in our lives. We came to the decision to sell our Cooperative Apartment. We didn’t have a Realtor so we needed recommendation. We got so many good reviews for Aimee Fink. Aimee was so knowledgeable on the building but also the surroundings. She lives in the area which means she can give concise information about living in Murray Hill. She brought a binder of data with her when we decided to use her as our Real Estate Broker. The Binder detailed references and units that she has sold. It was convincing to us that we picked the right person for the job. Our apartment needed a lot of work to get it staged correctly for potential buyers. The unfortunate part was when we discovered a leaked that occur from the apartment above that damage part of our bathroom walls that was no fault of ours. The building super corrected the problem and made sure there was no further damage to the apartment. Aimee then brought in a reliable painter and cleaning person to make the apartment staged ready. The apartment looked spectacular thanks to the professionals that Aimee recommended. Due to her internal networking, she actually had interested buyers very quickly. We then decided which buyer to go with and like all Cooperative Apartments, the board had to evaluate the buyers financial records and references. This was a long and tedious process due to some calamity by the board. Aimee who was very determined was speeding up the process and talked with all parties involved. The buyers then went through a tailspin where they were trying to be greedy and ask for more money to upgrade the stove which they agree to take as is. Aimee's professional painter and cleaner reassured any doubts the buyer had even though they agree to the closing. Again Aimee made sure this closing did not take a turn for the worst and made sure everyone including the buyer got their act together. I am so glad we went with Aimee because without her, we would still be in a rut trying to sell our apartment. We had no idea how much work actually went into selling a cooperative apartment and we were very glad to have a professional like Aimee in our corner with all the resources that she had. She treated our property like it was her own and I would highly recommend her.

From the moment I met Aimee Fink, I knew I could entrust her with the sale of my parents's apartment in New York City.And my intuition proved me right. She focused her entire concentration on the property as if her life depended it on it, andwithin three months it was sold most satisfactorily.

I recommend her without reserve, proving herself to be hard working, dedicated and a great communicator.

Sandra Boselli

Making the decision to sell my home/apartment of over 30 years was very difficult. Anticipating the steps ahead to reach my goal was daunting and exhausting - finding the right broker was imperative.
What were the chances of finding a broker who I could trust to lead me through this process with the least amount of stress, who would represent myself properly; obtain the fair market value of my apartment as well as select the proper buyer for my building?I was most fortunate to meet Aimee Fink.Aimee is a pro-active broker who cares about her clients and knows how to help them reach their goal. She is professional, dedicated, hardworking and committed to making this process stress-free. I never doubted that Aimee had everything under control. That's important.
I appreciated her meticulous follow-up in keeping me informed of all necessary details as well as her checking in just to say hello.

Simply said, Aimee is a pro who I highly recommend to anyone selling or buying real estate.

Cathy Pellegrino

When my daughter and I were looking for an apartment for her, we found Aimee and we are sure glad we did. Aimee did a great job helping us find a great apartment and guiding us through the entire process. We were new to the Manhattan real estate market and buying process and Aimee made us feel like we had an experienced expert in our corner every step of the way. I would recommend Aimee highly to anyone looking to buy and apartment in Manhattan. Thanks Aimee!

Gerry Perkel

Aimee was amazing. She understood right from the beginning the type of tenant that I wanted and set realistic expectations on rental prices. She got me a very good tenant within a few weeks of showing my place and was very helpful throughout the whole process. It gives me peace of mind that she is also a resident owner in the building since I live overseas and cannot follow what is going on in the building that easily.

Laura Blanco

As a small landlord with a studio to rent that had not been vacant in 11 years, I did not know who to call when it became vacant. Aimee had been recommended by my previous tenant who had outgrown the apartment so I called. Since I don’t live in NYC, she immediately took charge and went far beyond my expectations. She helped me find a painting contractor who was able to fit the job into a busy schedule, made sure he had access to quote the job and monitored the progress on a daily basis. She found the perfect tenant for the unit and was able to move the paperwork through the condo board quickly. There is no question who I will call next time a vacancy occurs.

"Not only does Aimee have a deep knowledge of the market, but she is the most ethical real estate agent I have worked with. Aimee worked relentlessly to get me the perfect apartment. She advised me on the pros and cons of each listings and stirred me away from making a wrong choice, even if that meant sacrificing a larger commission. She treats her clients like friends, and will work tirelessly to find them something suitable. She braved the wind and snow of February 2015 to find a condo that fit my value criteria in an overzealous market, and then helped me locate the best tenant for it a year later. I have worked with Aimee twice now, and recommend her with no reservations."


My daughter and I were looking for her first apartment in NY City. I live across the country, she was a first time buyer, and neither of us had any experience with RE in Manhattan. Thank goodness we found Aimee. Aimee not only exercised great patience while finding us the perfect apartment, she also guided us through the entire purchasing process, treating us as if we were part of her own family. We are exceptionally grateful to Aimee and would recommend her to anyone!

Steve Kamins

When I heard that Aimee Wolensky Fink was our NYer of the Week, my heart filled! You guys really get it right.

Here is my Aimee story:

When looking to buy an apartment, one hardly expects to encounter a NYC broker who is a patient, sincere, and compassionate. It's a further stretch to find that your broker truly cares about your life, and is interested in learning about your passions and interests. I would have never guessed that looking for a home would also bring me a friend, resource, and volunteer in my 4th and 5th grade classroom.

"I love this city; I meet the most fascinating people with incredible stories." This is Aimee Wolensky: positive, bursting with energy, and full of hope. Another rare find in the city. After I realized that I really couldn't afford buying a NYC home, Aimee told me not to worry and that we should remain friends. We did that.

Since, she has volunteered in my classroom to teach my 4th and 5th graders knitting. She has donated her time, tons of yarn and materials, and is genuinely interested in helping and teaching others. Students look forward to learning from her because she is loving, patient, and generous. Our classroom has been so fortunate to have Aimee volunteer with us.

She is the quintessential New Yorker: compassionate, honest, and a fierce multitasker dedicated to helping others. New Yorker of the Week - a most deserved title!

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Aimee Fink as a real estate broker to help you find your perfect rental or purchase in New York City. We needed to find a one-bedroom rental as quickly as possible in order to be moved in before starting a new job. After only 2 days of looking at many properties in several different neighborhoods, Aimee found a great apartment in a perfect location for a reasonable price, that had just come on the market and we were able to scoop it up! As a long-time city resident, she knows neighborhoods, can guide you regarding commuting and getting around the city and will work tirelessly on your behalf. She listens to what you are looking for and doesn't waste time with properties that are out of your geographical location or beyond your budget. She is tenacious, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and energetic, just a pleasure to work with! I believe anyone who works with Aimee will be just as happy as we are! Leslie S.

Stockholm, Sweden - October 24 - 2015

To Whom It May Concern;

My name is Eva Noren, a Swedish Citizen living in Sweden.Since 5 Years I own a ”pied–a-terre” in Manhattan, New York.I go to visit the US some weeks, about once a Year.= Mostly the Apartment is Leased .

My broker Aimeé Fink – found a woman who is renting the Apartment.(It took Aimeé ONE DAY to find a Tenant for me, for my former Broker it took 2 Months!).

But my Tenant can not live there now - as a neighbor has caused a leak, that made my Apartment impossible to live in. The floor is totally destroyed.

And I am very lucky! I have a Home insurance- and Aimeé is helping me out with everything! I am very far away these days; Aimeé is my eyes, mind and hands. She is having the discussions with the Insurance Company, the Tenant, Condominium, Cleaners, Carpenters, Hard-woodfloor shops, reporting everything back and forth with mails to me…and more, much more….

She is undertaking all this with intelligence, calm, optimism and with patience. Cheerful, friendly, caring – Aimeé is such a Fantastic Broker – and Human being.

I have a lot of experience – have had a long time to get to know Aimeé.And I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Aimeé Fink as a Fantastic Broker.She has a wonderful feeling for the Profession.

Without Aimeé I would feel lost these days!
I will strongly recommend Aimeé.

Eva Noren

This is to thank you for all the support and dedication you have brought to find the place of my dream in Manhattan. I will never forget that in spite of my determination to do my homework without any professional help, I met you during an open house and you nicely convinced me, without any pressure, that you would make sure I would find what I wanted.

Your patience and your listening were exceptional. You kept on searching the perfect apartment for me and all the offers you came up with were covering most of the criteria I had imposed, until you came up with the perfect one.

After we found the right place, thanks to your guidance and hard work, the sale came to conclusion in spite of the seller’s agent who let you do all the paper work as he went on vacation. You quickly prepared my file for the board and allowed a quick and positive outcome, for me to be accepted by the board without any problem. Everything you promised came true.

Your integrity and your professionalism are remarkable. I will always be glad to recommend your services to anyone looking for a real estate agent in New York City.

I do hope that Douglas Elliman are appreciating your qualities and realizing the asset you are for their company.

Thank you again for contributing to my happiness, helping me to find the place where I love to live.

Kind regards,

Francoise Cornu

President & Founder

Celestial Voyagers, Inc.

Anyone looking to buy an apartment in NYC learns very quickly how difficult and frustrating the process can be. Now add to this that I am from the a third world country not familiar with the city and you get the picture of what I was dealing with.

Then I met Aimee Fink a real estate broker with Douglas Elliman. Aimee gave me the confidence that I was in good hands. She searched out exactly what I wanted and negotiated a great price for me. She prepared the board package, organized all the necessary checks and pushed the deal to closing at a rapid pace.

Once closing was over my full service broker found me a great tenant at a fair market rent.

Do you need help with the purchase of real estate in NYC? Then do yourself a favor and contact Aimee Fink, you'll be glad you did. And in the process I made a friend.

Aimee is the best!

A. Marie J.

My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to sell our Murray Hill apartment by ourselves. Initially most of the interest in the apartment came from aggressive, obnoxious brokers who wanted the listing. Aimee came in with a totally different approach. We immediately had a rapport and bonded over raising city kids; she lives in Murray Hill and understands the neighborhood and its schools. Before even getting the listing, Aimee listened and coached me through offers; always insisting that my apartment was worth more than the bids. Eventually, Aimee’s kindness, guidance and persistence won her the listing. Within two weeks she had two offers, one all cash and the other at asking price. Aimee is hardworking and honest. I highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance in NYC’s crazy real estate market.

Julie Daccord

Does anyone know a real estate agent that after finding you a great place to rent suggests that you hold off because she can find you something better? Well neither did I until I met Aimee Fink. The woman treated me like I was going to be buying a $10M Penthouse when I was just looking to rent a studio apartment. She spent three weeks working with me and never ran out of patience. She eventually found me the perfect home, negotiated the start date and the price and I am now so happy living in my beautiful new apartment. Thank you Aimee, you’re the best.

Eric Goldie

The first time I met Aimee I knew that she would be the person that would sell my apartment even though I was planning on selling it myself at the time. I knew Aimee was a hustler and I felt that I could completely trust her.

Within a week of giving Aimee the listing she had a full price offer for us, unfortunately the board denied the applicant and while we were deflated Aimee picked up the ball again and had another full price offer within a day in part because she went out at night in a blizzard in order to show the apartment.

Aimee is a go getter and a hustler who listens well and is great at communicating with everyone involved in the process. She goes beyond her scope to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing to get the deal done quickly. You will not find a better person to represent you than Aimee. 5 STARS all they way. Thank you Aimee.

I cannot thank you enough for going that extra mile and a half to insure that the parties closed as scheduled this morning. It seemed that every day since March 17th, the mortgage broker was requesting another item in order to clear this file for closing.

Each day last week, I became more and more impressed with how both you and your co-broker Ms. Shawna Tamayose remained relentless in following up with one phone call after another (not to mention the barrage of emails) to make sure that whatever was requested by the mortgage broker was obtained within a couple hours.

Please excuse me for saying that yesterday, at 3:00pm when I had lost all hope of obtaining bank clearance for this morning’s closing (and I was ready to call the managing agent to adjourn the closing), Mr. Tamayose and you transformed into “pitbulls” by aggressively doing everything possible to protect the interested of respective clients. I recognize that were it not for your repeated phone calls and emails, we would not be closing today.

It goes without saying that I would l highly recommend you to anyone buying or selling an apartment in New York City.

Very truly yours

Gus P. Haritos, Esq.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Aimee. She was extremely diligent with finding properties that fit what we were looking for and within days of first looking we found our apartment! It was due to her help and expertise that we found our dream apartment! She cares about each of her clients and gives them the utmost time and energy to find them their dream home. We cannot thank Aimee enough!!