Katherine Cappello

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Agent

Sobre Katherine

Kate Cappello pursued the residential side of the real estate business after more than a decade in the commercial arena. Her diverse experience, which entailed everything from arranging financing for condo projects to raising equity for rental buildings, gave her a deep understanding of the Manhattan real estate market and valuable insight on how various factors drive the market.

Thorough and detail oriented, Kate is expert at the arts of deal negotiation and high-end client service. She applies the same level of diligence and attentiveness she brought to getting a $100 million deal closed, to finding a buyer or a new home for every client.

What really drives Kate's success besides her expertise is her passion. "I love talking about all aspects of real estate. I've studied the topic and practiced for a long time, and am happy to share all my knowledge about the market, different neighborhoods, co-ops vs. condos, investing and more with my clients." Her utmost goal is to help people make the right decision whether they are renting, owning or investing, based on their objectives and lifestyle needs.

Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, Kate graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. degree in Economics. She studied Finance and Real Estate, then worked for a real estate investment management firm in research, and asset and portfolio management. Before joining Douglas Elliman, she was with a dedicated real estate investment bank arranging capital for commercial real estate deals across various property types and markets, with a strong focus on NYC properties.

Since moving to New York almost 20 years ago, Kate has lived in the East Village, Union Square, Chelsea and the West Village. She has bought, sold and renovated in Manhattan so she can speak to clients from personal experience.
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774 Broadway
New York, 10003