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Bernadette lives and breathes New York City. When she’s not busy at work, her favorite thing is to leash up her Pomeranian, Olive, and check out some new nooks of the city that have yet to be discovered. She lives off the vibrant bustle that makes New York so iconic. It is, she firmly believes, the city where all of your dreams can come true.

And what’s more quintessential to the iconic New York life than apartment living? Bernadette’s favorite form of online scrolling is real estate listings. Forget online shopping! What are the newest listings? What’s the average price of a three-bedroom? What’s the hottest neighborhood? Luxurious or practical, sprawling or cozy, every apartment offers something worth looking at. Her first apartment in New York was a microscopic studio with a “kitchen” consisting of a single cooktop and a bar fridge. Talk about making a creative living arrangement!

Bernadette’s greatest gift as an agent is imagining the optimal life of her clients in their new abodes. Where will they get groceries? Where are the best gyms? Do they want fine dining in their area or the relaxed comfort of the classic, New York diner? Museums or parks? Or both? It’s all about the New York lifestyle for Bernadette and she brings that dedication into her relationship with clients.

Bernadette takes the must-have lists of her clients very seriously. What do you have in your current home that you can’t live without? What do you wish your new home could have? What do you need to make your life the best it can be? Let Bernadette lead you to your best life in New York.

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Bernadette Roe

575 Madison Ave - Third Floor
New York, 10022