Corrin Thomas

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate Agent

About Corrin

Corrin is a licensed NY Real Estate Salesperson. He has been passionate about Real Estate his entire life, having had over 15 years of experience in property development, general contracting and interior design work.

His first real estate development project was in 2005, where he converted a disused warehouse into a contemporary apartment block. Since then, Corrin has purchased, built, renovated, sold and managed numerous homes and exclusive rental properties.

He retains his relationships in the contracting and design business. This gives him the unique perspective of being to evaluate the condition of a property and estimate the costs of any needed improvements - in real time.

Rounding out his skillset, he also has experience in governance, serving as the Vice President of his Co-Op in Manhattan and previously serving as President of the board his previous building.

Joining the Rubin Team is the culmination of Corrin’s lifelong dream to share his Real Estate passion and talents to assist his clients in finding the property of their dreams.

He’s always had a keen interest in architecture and interior design, is passionate about climate activism, and loves gardening. Other pastimes include cooking, swimming, weightlifting, and taking his two Labradors for long walks around the city.
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Corrin Thomas

111 Fifth Ave
New York, 10003