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Nicholas Parga Nevarez

Nick considers himself more of a businessman than a real estate agent. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he doesn’t see his clients as transactional customers, but rather, as business partners. His impressive background has afforded him the unique ability of being highly sensitive to his customers’ needs, as well as an expert at negotiating the best deals possible which comes as second nature to him.

Nick specializes in the Manhattan real estate luxury market and was immersed in the industry via the startup world. Over the years, he has met over 100 angel investors, while raising capital for his ventures, and as a result has built an extensive network of high-profile connections. It is through his thorough, analytical and very detailed approach that his clients can rest assured; if they are buying or selling a home, they’ll undoubtedly receive the clearest picture they’ll ever get from a real estate agent.

“I like to think beyond the current market and educate buyers on the big picture of their investment; explaining why a property may be a good choice and how it may look for them in years to come. For sellers, marketing is my forte. Selling a home isn’t about it being everywhere for all to see; it’s about presenting it to the right audience for those who are ready to buy. From my contacts to traditional media, to being in tech for so many years, the name of the game is leverage, and it takes great know-how to utilize that leverage to ensure the best possible outcome for my clients.”

Sales and marketing come naturally to Nick, who originally from Puerto Rico. He went from selling air fresheners door to door at the early age of seven in New York City, to having a business selling CDs while living in Northern Virginia as a teen, then attended college in Puerto Rico where he studied marketing, and ultimately became a successful club promoter bringing top acts from NY to perform on the Island. Nick subsequently opened a luxury car dealership in South Florida, and later became intrigued by the tech arena. He founded his first app company which focused on luxury goods.

Nick now travels back and forth from Puerto Rico bringing the skills he has acquired from his years in building startups to the world of real estate. He is a passionate competitor in both work and play. Throughout his life, if he wasn’t brokering a deal, Nick was in some sort of action sport. He’s an admirer and practitioner of the Sweet Science (boxing) plus enjoys everything from skateboarding to baseball in his free time.

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Nicholas Parga Nevarez

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