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With a background encompassing architecture, design, construction and real estate finance, James has the unique ability to undertake a quick and thorough visual and financial analysis of a property, and determine if it meets his clients’ needs and objectives. He draws on his education and extensive real-world experience to evaluate what clients really want, and efficiently match them to the best NYC homes and neighborhoods.

Involved in the real estate industry since the early 1990s, James has worked for a local developer, national commercial real estate lender, and residential mortgage broker before becoming a licensed sales agent. His passion for the industry began even earlier in high school, when he lent his talents to a variety of architecture firms. James went on to earn a BFA and Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as a Master of Science in both Architecture and Real Estate Finance from Columbia University. He has long appreciated buildings, their design and construction, and how each fits within the urban fabric.

Having seasoned design and finance insight, and garnering expertise in real estate as an owner, investor and tenant gives James a valuable perspective. Being as transparent as possible, and very clear and upfront with each client sets him apart, and ensures that the purchase or sale process is a smooth, rewarding success. “My philosophy has always been to be ‘real’ with my clients. For me, it’s all about the person and the property, rather than the pitch.”

A fourth generation New Yorker, James enjoys the ever-evolving landscape of NYC, and truly appreciates the remnants and vestiges of an earlier time. Whether it is enjoying a drink or meal in an establishment with his family that has been around for a century or more, or even one off the beaten track, he and his wife love trying to replicate them and the experience at home. James and his family live on the Upper East Side, and take pride in the privilege of living in such an amazing place. He also enjoys collecting sports memorabilia with his son, with a particular focus on the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Yankees.

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James Talbot

575 Madison Ave
New York, 10022

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