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About Heidi

I wasn’t always a real estate broker. After getting a Masters in Psychology, I realized that I did not want to pursue a future as a psychotherapist. However, having this background has assisted me in closing many difficult real estate transactions. The listening and coping skills I learned in graduate school are a real plus in this job!

My career started in the corporate world as VP of advertising at American Express. After years of too many meetings, too much travel and a desire to have a more independent lifestyle, I began the second phase of my professional life as a real estate broker.

I really enjoy my job. And the good news is that I’m able to use the marketing skills I learned in my corporate life to sell properties, as well as find apartments for people I am working with. It’s interesting how much marketing and branding has become such an integral part of life. I am so lucky to have the background in marketing and psychology that has allowed me to become successful in the 2nd phase of my career.

I am the exclusive broker to the Cameron Mackintosh organization. They are the producers of Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz and Ms. Saigon. I have worked with celebrities such as Don Imus, Lewis Black, Christina Applegate, among others. The only downside of the Imus transaction was listening to his comments concerning me and my husband on the radio each morning. This was truly my 15 minutes of fame.

My hobby is cooking. I went to the Institute for Culinary Education and enjoy making Italian and American Home Cooking.

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Heidi Berger

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New York, 10022