Sobre Demetrios

As a small business owner with a diverse professional background, Demetrios knows that
understanding and satisfying customer needs are key to repeat business. Yes, the customer
is always right; but he advises his real estate clients with honesty, transparency and diligent
research, so they’re aware of their options and assured the best results.
“Educating people on the nuances of the market comes in the form of a multifaceted
approach. During the initial consultation, listening to their needs without interruption and
interpreting that feedback so there is a clear goal in mind is a first step. Providing a market
analysis, and not speaking from emotions, but from solid empirical data and evidence, will
help guide their decision-making. After all paperwork is reviewed and details are discussed,
then the real fun begins: the search for a new home!”
Demetrios strives for that “win-win” approach and believes that real estate is the best
investment one can make. From his own experience, buying and selling can be an
intimidating process; but as your fiduciary, there will be no unanswered questions. He will
outline the expectations of the realtor/client relationship and the systems and procedures
that will follow. At no time will you ever feel “left in the dark.”
Originally from Flushing, Demetrios was raised in Dix Hills and Palm Harbor, Florida. NYC pulled
him back, and he finished college at Hofstra University. He went on to receive a Master’s in
Political Science from Southern Connecticut State University.
Personally, Demetrios enjoys helping his community, whether as an elected official, a
volunteer at his church, or PTA participant at his son’s school. He is also spearheading the
creation of a Boy Scout-like troop called Trail Life USA. As a proud dad, family is his life.
Demetrios loves taking walks with his wife and son, and looks forward to learning his great-
grandfather’s mandolin so he can teach Michael to play one day.
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11 Bond Street
Great Neck, 11021