Susan Cherney

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Agent

Sobre Susan

Susan Cherney, the quintessential Home Specialist, provides the best professional
service which fortifies the cornerstone of her continued success. For more than 28
years, Susan has combined integrity, loyalty and trust into a singularly dynamic
results-driven business. It is one of the premier reasons customers repeatedly
recommend her to friends and family.
Her listing presentations outline customized multi-dimensional marketing strategies
which demonstrate advertising opportunities using a variety of mediums including
metropolitan and local newspapers, magazines, the internet as well as the use of
effective targeted direct mail campaigns. All of Susan's efforts are directed at
achieving the best possible results for her clients based on many tangible and
intangible factors including the unpredictable trends in the real estate market. She
adds as inventory changes, home sellers need the expertise of a true Home Specialist
to help differentiate their home. That is what I bring to the table.
The name Susan Cherney is synonymous with quality service. The immense network
of new home buyers, repeat sellers, referrals by family, friends, neighbors and
acquaintances all say, "Susan is a very hands-on, kind and altruistic person. She is
definitely someone we want to work for us." A familiar face in the neighborhood she
serves, her customers benefit from the extensive knowledge of the local real estate
market in her community and surrounding areas.
Susan does what she loves -- and loves what she does! Connected to her clients 24/7,
"and 25/8 if the need arises" Susan adds jokingly, "I am a very lucky person to be
fortunate enough to love what I do every day and to enjoy the energy and dynamics of
real estate, knowing that I have truly made a difference in a person's, a couple's or a
family's life."
While these innovative methods of selling homes are all extremely successful, Susan's
exceptional service standards have helped her to earn the most coveted and
prestigious international awards available.
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1528 Old Northern Blvd
Roslyn, 11576

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