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It is often said that either a realtor conducts Residential Real Estate or he/she conduct commercial real estate but not both. Joseph has a proven record that Residential and commercial real estate can coexist side by side. However, there are many factors in which commercial real estate agents/coordinators are differentiated from salespeople entering the profession with limited business experience. These differentiations start with the assumption that "sales and negotiations" are the result of agents creating meetings of the minds between the buyers and the sellers with a focus upon the fiduciary responsibilities being balanced with a responsibility to all parties involved. As licensed Real Estate Professionals we have a responsibility to go beyond the call of duty for the customer and principal. Ask not what the customer and principal can do for the agent, but ask what the agent can do for the customer, the principal, and other agents involved in the real estate transaction.
When a customer inquires about a commercial property, that customer is not looking to be sold. The customer is looking to be shown properties that make good business sense. The properties will be their focus and eventually an extension of themselves or their corporate identity. Therefore the "about me" becomes "about you" so that you, the customer, can be taken on a tour of whatever properties and opportunities that you or your investment group are interested in exploring.

When the client decides to market their property, they are treated with the respect and honesty necessary to nurture and develop a fiduciary relationship that will allow the agent to serve and protect their best interests.

Services for Owners/Landlords:
• Property management
• Real estate financing
• Acquisition/disposition strategies
• BOV – Broker opinion of value
• Contract and lease administration
• Assessment of leasing opportunities
• Occupancy projections and budgeting
• Qualification of prospects
• Recommendations on pricing
• Contract negotiation
• Property sales and lease-backs

Services for Buyers/Tenants:
• Complete, thorough detailed market analysis
• Initial consultation and strategic planning
• Evaluation of requirements
• Market and comparative property analysis
• Buy-lease-build consultation
• Space expansion or consolidation
• Contract negotiations and renewals
• Ongoing lease analysis and tenant management

Joseph has many years of experience in negotiating contracts, sales and purchases of businesses, residential and commercial, industrial and estate properties.

Joseph experience evolved from transacting one family dwellings to major land-development such as 2,700 acre tract of land improving it with roads water and sewer, amenities; swimming pools, horseback riding, restaurants, lounge and bar area, transforming once tract of raw land to a community with residential and commercial supporting shops.

Joseph has been a buyer, a seller, a consultant in most areas of real estate. Joseph has a history of creating superior transactions for both buyers and sellers while making numerous business acquaintances and great friends. Joseph loves the various areas of real estate and a great believer of “do what you like and you will never work a day in your life”.
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Joseph Albano

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