As a corporate fiduciary with an emphasis on real estate, we have utilized the services of Rachelle Rosten for many years, and her results and professionalism are consistently exceptional. Rachelle brings a unique and specialized skill set with proven results. She is knowledgeable, skillful and we know when working with her that we will have a positive outcome that meets or exceeds expectations.

- Bradley D. Parker, CPM, VP/Sr. Asset Manager, U.S. Trust

- Bank of America Private Wealth Management

In my prior positions as West Region Manager Trust Real Estate for Bank of America for 18 years, Los Angeles area Manager for Wells Fargo Bank Trust Real Estate for over 3 years and as a private owner of real estate, Rachelle Rosten handled well over 50 transactions for me including single family homes and multiple units. Her expertise, knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of real estate, trust and probate as well as traditional sales and leases, are unsurpassed. I have unlimited faith in her abilities.

- Ms. Rickey F. Harris, CCIM, CPM

I have found Kelly deLaat to be knowledgeable, professional and attentive to clients’ needs. She is always on top of every detail which is especially important when it comes to probate and trust properties. I have referred several clients to Kelly and her team and the outcome has been extremely positive. I would absolutely recommend this very professional and specialized group.

- John M. Byrne, Partner

- Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP

Simply put, Rachelle Rosten and Kelly deLaat are the premier trust and probate real estate providers. Since meeting nearly five years ago, they have enriched the lives of every client my team and I have referred. Rachelle and Kelly’s diligent sales process, market knowledge, and unwavering positivity has help my clients maximize the value of their real estate. Whether it’s a beneficiary looking to sell inherited property, an estate seeking liquidity, or a traditional transaction, Rachelle and Kelly are invaluable partners whom I trust and emphatically recommend.

- Leonardo A. Bolanos, Northern Trust, Vice President | Banking Relationship Advisor | Wealth Management

Rachelle Rosten and Kelly de Laat are positive, creative, motivated, and smart. As an executor and trustee of a relative’s trust, they guided me through the sale of complicated properties from across the county. Their market knowledge is second to none, their sales approach is innovative and effective, and their attention to detail is flawless. As we worked to liquidate assets, they embraced the Trust’s mission to maximize value for the ultimate beneficiaries - two not-for-profits. Always responsive, they made the experience as positive as it possibly could have been. Rachelle and Kelly took a difficult part of my job as trustee, and made it easy and I will be forever grateful. I know the family members I was representing would be pleased and there is no better feeling than that.

- Anne Elton, Trustee, Lowry Revocable Trust

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