Why you Should Catch the Last Weeks of Summer at Cape Cod

Myrna Rothman

Everyone knows that Cape Cod is a premier summer destination. And with only a few weeks left, if you are still looking for a getaway, the Cape may be your best choice. Elliman Insider sat down with Douglas Elliman agent Myrna Rothman to find out why she loves Cape Cod and why July and August may actually be the best times to visit.

Elliman Insider: Why do you love Cape Cod in the summer?

Myrna Rothman: We bought a small cottage here in 1978 after baby number 4 was born. With 4 kids in tow, it’s very hard to travel anywhere and no one wants you to visit anyway. That said, one late night I left my husband a note saying we need to do something besides camp for these kids. No surprise that we both said “let’s buy something at the Cape” which was 1 hour and 15 minutes from our home and work on the South Shore of Boston. When you cross over that bridge, you feel a weight has been taken off and time to kick your feet up and have fun in the sun.
The best memories I have are all about the family, boating, fishing, swimming and barbecues that you can only enjoy in the summer. It’s still that way and now the grandchildren think this is the best place in the world. If my family has not isolated for 14 days, they will stay in a motel nearby and come to our house to swim in our pool, fish off our dock and have meals outside. Not ideal, but better than not seeing them at all.

EI: How can you still enjoy Cape Cod’s summer months during COVID-19?

MR: We also have a city apartment and when the pandemic hit very hard in Boston, we decided to move to our Cape house on March 15. It was quiet then for sure, Memorial Day came and it was like the gates just opened. You can still enjoy all the beaches, most people practice social distancing. You can go for beautiful walks and see all the flowers in bloom during July and August.  Sit on a dock and watch all the boats go by and smell that air. The space that the Cape offers and versatility of each town is what it is all about. There is the historic National Seashore and I believe that the Race Point beach in Provincetown was just voted one of the top 25 beaches in the country. There is something here for everyone.

EI: Where’s the best place to grab a bite that only the locals know about?

MR: My first choice would be Captain Parker’s in Yarmouth. It is known for the best chowder in Cape Cod, an award that it wins every year. The food is just really good, plain food. Nothing fussy, but always tasty and never disappoints. I personally love their baked stuffed shrimp—you can get seafood, burgers, prime rib, etc. The biggest problem is that it is too well-known now so the July/August wait can be as much as 1 1/2 hours. Our summer home is near there so it works out pretty well for us. The locals flock there off-season when they know they can walk in and get a table.
My second choice for the seasonal meal would be a tiny place called Summer Shanty, which is at Bass River Marina. The food is good, but the view is even better. It’s right on the water and you can eat on the deck to enjoy the air and the view.

EI: What does Cape Cod have that summer destinations or beach-focused neighborhoods may not have?

MR: The proximity to Boston is fairly close. Once you get here, you can go for a day or a week’s vacation to the other islands— Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are both around an hour away from the Cape via the high speed ferry. The Cape has North side and South side beaches which offer very different feels. Some parts of the Cape are historic and you need to check with the historic commission before you paint or make major changes to your property. There are some very large houses and then there are the typical small beach cottages. The Cape is a very relaxed place no matter where you go.  For the summer, it’s all about vacations.
Provincetown, Cape Cod

EI: How does Cape Cod change during each month (June, July, August, early September). Any trends you notice either in weather, people, or even the beaches?

MR: June can be really cold and not necessarily good beach weather. People with children don’t come down since school is usually still in session.
July is definitely the month that summer is in full swing and most restaurants are typically open. Obviously, this year is very different due to the virus with restaurant openings.
August is the last hurrah. Everyone wants beach, boating and swimming time. The hydrangeas are loosing their color and you start feeling like fall is just around the corner.
I think more people who can, will stay on the Cape this year since the virus down here has been, up to now, less invasive than in the cities like Boston or New York.

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