The Elliman Effect: Georgia Kaporis

Georgia KaporisA big part of being a successful real estate agent comes from having the power and tools of your firm to support you throughout all of your deals. Elliman Insider sat down with agent Georgia Kaporis to learn how the Douglas Elliman name has helped her, what changes she has seen in her business since joining and what advice she has for other agents.

Elliman Insider: What made you decide to join Douglas Elliman?

GEORGIA KAPORIS: When I was at my prior firm I always looked up to Elliman and its top brokers. When the timing and opportunity came to move to Elliman, I made the leap. Making any change can be a bit scary, but this change was empowering. I was actually amazed of how it not only helped my business, but it helped build my confidence in being a top broker.

EI: You have degrees in Marketing from New York University and Hofstra University. What role did Douglas Elliman’s brand have in your decision to join the firm?

GK: It had a major role—the Douglas Elliman name is respected and many are impressed when I introduce myself as a real estate broker from Elliman. I knew that I can sell real estate for any firm but if I really wanted to build a business, Elliman was always the place to be.

EI: What has changed in your business since joining Douglas Elliman?

GK: The biggest change has been the clientele. The respect level that comes with being a part of Douglas Elliman has helped many customers believe and trust in me before I have to sell the “why me” component. I meet with customers and I don’t have to explain who Douglas Elliman is, which is half the battle. All I need to do is speak about how I can help them and concentrate on who I am. Additionally, the support from all levels from Howard M. Lorber to corporate to management has been consistent and vital.

EI: You were born in New York City, but you visit Greece every summer; has Elliman’s international alliance with London-based Knight Frank helped your business?

GK: The alliance is starting to help as I am meeting more contacts from Knight Frank. There are discussions of opening up an office in Greece and I have been in touch with a few representatives about how I can be part of that.

Georgia Kaporis

EI: Any advice for new agents?

GK: When you want to reach your highest potential in real estate, you need to align yourself with a successful and powerful firm that has been in the business for years. It is important to work in a firm that has been through all types of business cycles and is not new to the game.

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