Spotlight On: Florida Agent Christopher Wands

Florida agent Christopher Wands, a fourth-generation real estate professional, claims that real estate is in his blood. Originally from Long Island, he developed an appreciation for the Florida lifestyle early on due to having a house in Florida throughout his childhood. Elliman Insider sat down with Christopher to learn everything from when he knew real estate was his calling to his advice for new agents.

Elliman Insider: You grew up around real estate, with your mother in the industry. When did you know that it was your calling as well?

Christopher Wands: I knew I wanted to be in real estate when I took a sales position in the water sports industry which was my first job out of college. This was supposed to be a holdover position as I was planning to apply and go to law school. I have always had an affinity for real estate as I watched my mom build her business from the ground up in the early 2000s. All throughout middle and high school I was provided the opportunity to ride along with my mom and go to open houses and sometimes showings. I’m a fourth-generation real estate professional as my grandfather and great grandfather were involved in real estate development and sales. Basically real estate is in my blood.

EI: What are some lessons you’ve learned from your mom along the way?

CW: The lessons I’ve learned from her is to be patient and that no deal is too small.


EI: Do you live by a personal mantra or favorite saying?

CW: I have a few mantras to live by: always live life in the moment and live it to the fullest. But I also have #MovetoFlorida trademarked as a sales slogan, so I guess that’s been my go-to mantra lately.

EI: You’ve originally from Long Island. What made you decide Florida was the best place for you and your business?

CW: Having a house in Florida growing up gave me an appreciation for the Florida lifestyle, which is what eventually drove me to Miami. I also have the privilege of being an Alumni of University of Miami after doing an internship in New York during college and seeing the differences in the cost of living, lifestyle and opportunities. I felt like Florida would be the right place for me to stay after college. After my transition from the watersports industry to real estate, I felt Florida was a perfect place to grow my business.

EI: Why is Douglas Elliman the right place for you?

CW: It’s a family affair, my mom and brother are both agents at Douglas Elliman and it was just a right fit.

EI: You were actually Douglas Elliman’s Rookie of the Year in 2016. Any advice for new agents?

CW: Do everything and anything that’s given to you and never say no. Try to do as many transactions as possible to learn and grow within the business. Don’t let the idea of money get in the way of your career. It’s better to get help in the beginning and learn through growing.

EI: Where can we find you when you’re not working?

CW: Unfortunately, in real estate you’re always working but when I’m not showing, on the phone negotiating or speaking to lawyers, buyers, or sellers, you can find me with my wife and two dogs or with friends. I also love to enjoy the South Florida lifestyle; you can find me on the water fishing with family and friends.

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