Spotlight On: Alexis Siegel and Amy Rosenberg, Soaring on Synergy

The real estate market on Long Island is constantly evolving. To help stay ahead of the curve, Douglas Elliman’s Alexis Siegel and Amy Rosenberg have built a team that complements one another, each bringing something special to the table to offer buyers and sellers alike. Elliman Insider sat down with this Port Washington-based dynamic duo to find out how their team works so smoothly together, and why, when you choose them to represent your home, you’ll never see a lock box or a lent key.

Alexis Siegel and Amy Rosenberg

Elliman Insider: When did you know that real estate was your calling?

Amy Rosenberg: I have Port Washington to thank for my real estate career. I had never thought about real estate as a career until I moved to ‘Port’ in 2000 and immediately fell in love with the town and its close-knit community. While my kids were in school, I biked, ran, walked, drove and explored every inch of town. The more I saw, the stronger I felt that Port Washington was such a great place to raise a family and I wanted to share this with other families. I was continuously recommending brokers to families looking to move here. Eventually I realized that I could sell Port Washington as well as anyone else and decided to get my license. The rest is history.

Alexis Siege: My love of real estate was organic. I was not looking for a new career. I was working and living in NYC with my husband and two young sons. After several years working as an attorney at a New York law firm and consulting at a public accounting firm with the same group of people, everyone began to go their separate ways. During the ten years that I lived in Manhattan, my husband and I purchased and extensively renovated and restored two apartments and an 1848 townhouse. My love for the process and respect for the professionals that I met during these projects inspired me to want to pursue this new passion. I knew that a career as a realtor was the obvious next step for me.

EI: What has been your biggest challenge as agents?

Amy & Alexis: Currently our biggest challenge is the speed at which today’s market is moving. When working with buyers, there is a delicate balance between being pushy and having our customers miss out on a great opportunity. Some markets allow for contemplative decision making but the Covid market is moving so quickly that buyers need to make fast, informed and competitive decisions within a day or even hours of a home coming on the market. It is our job to educate the buyers about the market conditions and what else may be on the horizon.

“The Covid market is moving so quickly that buyers need to make fast, informed and competitive decisions within a day or even hours of a home coming on the market.”

When working with sellers, it is important to educate them about the fact that real buyers will come out to see houses as soon as they hit the market and will make offers quickly. Often, sellers who receive offers quickly want to wait to accept anything under the assumption that where there is one, there will be many. We try to encourage sellers to understand, based on their level of motivation to sell, that the best offers usually come first.

 EI: Do you live by a personal mantra or favorite saying?

Alexis: My favorite quote, dating back to my high school yearbook is “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward. However, I am not so naïve to think that everything always goes smoothly and that just wanting it is enough. I am keenly aware that hard work, dedication and perseverance are integral to success. I have learned to “Embrace the Suck”, my more recent favorite mantra. It is important to power through adversity and get comfortable being uncomfortable to achieve my ultimate goals. This saying holds true for me whether training for a marathon, working with difficult professionals or overcoming personal hardship.

“It is important to power through adversity and get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Amy: I have never had a mantra per se, but I would say that my buzzwords are honesty and integrity. I think there is a quote that says something like “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”. These words exemplify how I strive to lead both my personal and professional life and how I have always taught my kids to lead theirs. I have learned that by acting with honesty, authenticity and morality I am able to provide my clients with a superior level of service. They can rest assured that I will work my hardest for them and do whatever I can to always come through for them.

EI: Why did you choose Elliman? 

Alexis: My choice to join Elliman was an easy one. I knew, Karen Newhouse, the then manager of the Port Washington office, since childhood. I grew up with her daughter and as soon as I moved back to Port Washington, she reached out through another friend of the family who was working as an Elliman agent to recruit me. It was all history from there.

Amy: I had been working at another realty office in Port Washington and did a deal with an Elliman agent. We worked very well together and shortly after the deal closed, I got a call from Karen Newhouse, the then manager of our office. We met for lunch and immediately clicked. Elliman had a lot more to offer than the other company I worked for, and the Port Washington office in particular immediately felt like a perfect fit.

EI: Alexis, you were originally a lawyer and have now moved to real estate. Tell us more about that transition and how you think your former career helps you in the real estate industry.

Alexis: The skills that I used on a daily basis as an attorney have been invaluable and play an integral role in my success as realtor today. My professional experiences have instilled in me the importance of thorough research and meticulous attention to detail. The ability to negotiate effectively makes each transaction that I am part of a success for my customers and clients. My accessibility and innate desire to service buyers and sellers with busy schedules was a natural transition from servicing clients as an attorney.  My desire to know the market and predict trends provides me with a strong market expertise and innate ability to match buyers with their ideal home. Above all else, I love what I do!

EI: How has Elliman upped your real estate game?

Amy & Alexis: There are obvious benefits to working for the largest and most lucrative real estate company on Long Island. However, in our opinion, the benefits are in our home base. Eileen O’Sullivan, as Manager of the Port Washington office has invested her time and resources in helping us grow and maintain our business. She has helped us tap into the vast resources that Elliman has to offer. We have taken numerous continuing education classes, worked closely with the marketing and advertising departments to develop our brand as well as taken advantage of the global Elliman referral network.

EI: Any advice for new agents?

Amy & Alexis: Get to know the inventory in your area, get involved in the community that you are working in, be responsive and available and keep at it.

EI: Where can we find you when you’re not working? 

Amy & Alexis: MOST LIKELY TOGETHER!!!! When we are not together, Alexis can often be found on a mountain skiing in the winter while Amy is at the beach in the summer. This works perfectly for our team since one of us always available to service our clients 24/7. In our opinion, this is one of the things that sets us apart from other agents. One or both of us is on every call and at every showing. We have never given out a key or used a lockbox at a listing of ours. When you hire the A TEAM you get Alexis and Amy every time.

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