A Hidden Gem: Lattingtown, New York

Talk to Lattingtown mayor Bob Fagiola about the North Shore village he calls home and you’ll get an informal history and civics lesson. The former lawyer knows the area well: He’s lived in this village of 1,700 residents for 63 years, met his wife on the village beach, and raised two daughters here. According to him, many of Lattingtown’s virtues stem from its status as an incorporated village. “The estate owners on the North Shore established these little villages to control the zoning around them. Organizations like the North Shore Land Alliance are very active in the area. They buy up and preserve the open spaces that provide an ambience and character to the village that is some- what unique. We try to preserve an environment that’s calm and tranquil.” Living in Lattingtown means you’ll not only get to enjoy this bucolic community nestled on Long Island Sound, but you’ll also get a “concerned and very involved mayor,” he promises.

—by Liz Buffa

St. Josaphat’s Monastery


“I’m looking out my window at the beautiful St. John’s of Lattingtown that’s the centerpiece of our village in terms of its past. It’s a beautiful stone structure that has a great history.” Constructed with funds from founding father William Guthrie, the church features wood carvings financed by J.P. Morgan. It’s also the home to a popular village preschool and the yearly St. John’s Country Fair. “It’s geographically centered but also one of the most historic structures that you have in the village.” 325 Lattingtown Rd., 516.671.6097

Private beach at 52 Peacock Lane, Lattingtown Listing ID: 3027257


While the village is serene, it’s also home to a lot of families with young children. “Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club is an institution. It’s been expanded in recent years and provides a great focal point for kids through the teenage years.” The club offers everything from after-school programs to a teen center, summer camp, and an athletic program for the area’s children, kindergarten through grade 12.Their yearly clothing sale is a must, with fabulous donations from the area’s residents. 135 Forest Ave., 516.676.1460

52 Peacock Lane


There are a number of lovely amenities that residents can enjoy, including the 42-acre Bailey Arboretum, with trails and gardens. 194 Bayville Rd., 516.801.1458

“We also actually have a Ukrainian Catholic monastery, St. Josaphat’s, on 80 acres in the village. It’s the former Aldred mansion.They have lots of nice grounds and gardens that you can walk around. It runs all the way down to Long Island Sound, where they have a beach, much of which is leased from the monastery to provide a village beach for residents, with mooring rights.”1E. Beach Dr., 516.671.0545

In addition, locals can use the Glen Cove Municipal Golf Course, which is adjacent to the village. “I’m heading there right now!” 109 Lattingtown Rd., 516.676.0550

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