Elliman Connection: How Agent Patrick McLaughlin Holds Others Accountable

Patrick McLaughlin

As we are encouraged to stay home to help flatten the curve, some Douglas Elliman agents are realizing that now, more than ever, is a crucial time to keep physically and mentally in shape. Patrick McLaughlin is helping agents hold each other accountable through his Facebook Elliman Peloton Group. Agents can hop on, start a ride and connect to other agents, keeping each other motivated during this time. Elliman Insider sat down to find out more about the group and what other ways Patrick is giving back to his community.

Elliman Insider: Tell us more about the Peloton Facebook Group. What inspired you to get this up and running?

PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN: I started this group before COVID-19 had us staying inside. It started when fellow agent Jason Walker and I were both looking to keep each other motivated. We talked to Mary Beth Adelson and decided to start a group on Facebook to hold each other accountable. Of the past 30 days, I’ve worked out 28; I usually do a 45 minute class with a 10 minute warm down. The nice thing about this group is that it virtually connects us with agents all across the country—anyone can join.

EI: Lots of people are having to adapt their fitness routine since gyms and workout classes are closed. How do the indoor Peloton bike classes compare to riding your bike outdoors?

PM: I usually ride my bike in the Hamptons, there are some really gorgeous areas to ride through. But I found the Peloton bike sessions to be such a great workout, so therapeutic—good for both your body and mind. I usually finish one of these classes dripping with sweat, feeling accomplished.

EI: What are some other ways you’re giving back to the community?

PM: Right now, I’m working with my friend Barbara Zobian of Candelighters NYC (helping families with children seeking cancer treatment in New York City) to plan a weekend in the Hamptons for the families and kids. In the past we’ve organized boat trips, beach parties and dinners and the idea of doing a big beach picnic for everyone is our goal.

EI: What’s inspired you to donate your time or efforts to that particular cause?

PM: I met Barbara through fellow agent, Ann Cutbill Lenane and fell in love with how she gives back. What’s she’s done for so many of the families is amazing. I think my first major interactions with her was hosting a family from Brazil for the Christmas holiday. It’s been amazingly rewarding.

EI: What’s the best way you think we can provide emotional and motivational support to each other through all of this?

PM: STAY HOME and stay safe. Host a zoom call party!

EI: What are some ways you think others can give back while still practicing social distancing?

PM: Keep in touch with family members and those who are less fortunate and may need a helping hand.

EI: When business goes back to usual, how do you think you can still maintain your sense of community and continue to give back?

PM: I’ve always been involved, from Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue to Candlelighters. I plan on continuing when everything goes back to normal.

EI: People have been coming together to support each other during this time; have there been some examples/moments that have inspired you?

PM: I have a seller who runs an emergency room at a major hospital on Long Island. He’s working 48 hours a day now and on our last call asked how I was doing!? Seriously, I don’t know how he does it. A big shout out to all our hospital and health care workers. I’m hoping this is all done soon.

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